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With a damaged reputation, you can survive if you take the steps needed to overcome it. An example is Salon Cadiz out of San Antonio. Diana Ortiz set up her business on Yelp and claims that when Yelp called her to pay for ads on their site that someone posted a negative review on her site by Y.P. When you go to her site on Yelp there is one bad review with one star and one good review with 5 stars. This damaged her reputation and her clients started dropping. Yelp actually screens these reviews and only posts the ones that seem probable. Salon Cadiz actually has 25 five star reviews under their screened tab that are not shown or in their calculated ratings. Diana Ortiz spoke up about this saying that it is not fair that someone anonymous that never stepped into her salon can make such a damaging statement and hurt her business. She also thought that it was linked to Yelp since she had declined to pay for an ad on Yelp. She can't even defend herself, since she does not even know who it was. Diana tried to get Yelp to remove the review from their site, but it only got worse. She wanted to prove that the review was wrong and her counter strategy was to have her best clients write their reviews on Yelp. Those were kept hidden. Although she has had problems with Yelp, she does have more positive reviews on other sites such as Google and City Search. Since she did speak out on this, it seemed to bring her clients closer and help defend her against her damaged reputation on Yelp. (Lieber, 2013) Although she was getting a damaged reputation by stepping up and speaking out she was able to overcome it.
Another example is Amy's Baking company. The owners came to Chef Gordon Ramsey for help of a struggling restaurant to turn it around. The controversy surrounding this company started on an episode when they visited the company. The TV host said that they were hard to work with and walked out. This immediately surfaced all over the Internet talking badly about the owners. Amy of Amy's Baking Company had a social media breakdown on her Facebook page attacking people that were posting criticism. Amy was insulting and calling people names on her site. After lashing out, she insisted her site had been hacked and they were working with FBI to figure it out. After the media nightmare Amy's Baking company temporarily shut down to figure out a new strategy for their image. The restaurant re-opened with a crowd outside its doors. This controversy brought a lot of attention and curious customers of what was going to happen next. The restaurant is still open and is coming back to the show because of the amount of popularity it brought to the show. This bad publicity actually brought customers in just to see what all the commotion was about. They are still surviving, although they are now a case study of what not to do on reacting to negative reviews. (Pettus, 2013)
Denise Lones of The Lones Group found herself under attack when she...

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