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Surviving Business Essay

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Small businesses are now using online sites and social media for promoting their businesses. This makes it easier to reach more consumers and is cheaper, but at the same time exposes them immediately if someone has something bad to say. Some small businesses have failed from reputations, and some have saved their business from a bad reputation. There are many things that contribute to this such as social media, a recall on a product, or a bad online review. In today's society with access to small businesses online and a wealth of information, it is easy for a bad reputation to flood the web.
There are many sites on the web that can hurt and help you. One of these sites is called Yelp. This is a popular online review for businesses. If you search for a business, these reviews pop up under your related topics. One bad review can hurt you small business. There is a lot of discussion on how valid these reviews are. There have been studies that show how small businesses revenue change with the Yelp reviews. If a business is getting a lot of negative reviews, small businesses have seen their business suffer. Although Yelp is a good source of Internet marketing, it can lead a business into shambles. Any online source can be used, but understanding the ramifications of outside source meaning other influences such as saboteurs, rumors, or personal gain to destroy ones reputation by malice. Negative reviews are a business killer due to the fact that people can put their opinion on something so minor that it can misconstrue the business. With websites like Yelp, the small business owner has no way to defend itself from the negative reviews.
With small businesses any negative review can hurt you. You must respond right away to your bad reviews or you could lose everything you fought for. There are also many businesses that are out there to help you with your image. I believe small businesses can survive from a damaged reputation if they know how to respond. Whether the owner responds directly to a consumer, or they hire a company to help with their public relations it has to be dealt with immediately or they will not survive.
Researchers have shown that if you have certain measures in place before you have a negative review on how to handle it, or have handled the bad media right away and correctly, you can save your small business from a potentially damaging reputation. (Larcker, 2012) You have to respond with thought before lashing out, or the outcome could be worse.
This paper examines how you can manage your online reputation, and small businesses that have dealt with reputations right away and have survived. I argue that with the right mechanisms in place you can prove your reputation and overcome this. I will show this can happen with examples of small businesses that have survived through a damaged reputation, and ones that have failed because they did not handle it the right way. I will also show that if handled...

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