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Surviving Personal Struggles Within Sarah’s Key

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Tragedy strikes at every hour of the day, no matter where in the world a person lives. The true test of a person’s humanity is how they handle the tragedy. All over the country, people are hit with life changing catastrophes and feel hopeless. Taking their feelings out on others around them who are just trying to help, their pain translates into the bad traits of humanity such as selfishness, conceitedness and unreliability. Others though, work through their struggles and show the world how strong they can really be. People in terrible situations can also be mature, self-confident and sympathetic. It all really depends on the individual going through the tragedy. Many authors also play on ...view middle of the document...

Genevieve shows her maternal instinct when she writes to her son how “Sarah now has a family. [They] are her family. She is a Dufaure. She bears [their] name” De Rosnay 196). The Dufaures raise Sarah as their own daughter. They were so selfless and genuinely cared for this young Jewish girl they had never met before. Jules also shows his fatherly instinct for Sarah. Jules shows his protectiveness of Sarah when he “drew near… wrap[ped] her in his arms, [and tried] to carry her away” after they found Michel in the cupboard (De Rosnay 160). He knew how painful that situation was for Sarah and tried his hardest to remove her from that, just like a father would. The Dufaures do the best they can in their situation and it allows them to show their positive traits to the world.
Zoe helps her mother through a very difficult time in her life, allowing herself to grow and experience the best side of humanity. Zoe brings her mother a much needed dose of happiness through kind comments and loving looks. She defends her mother’s choices on many occasions. When the Tezacs were torn between Julia’s choice to find William, Zoe defends her saying that she feels “really proud of what [Julia] did. When [she] grow[s] up, [she] want[s] to be like her. [Zoe] want[s] to be a mom [her] kids are proud of” (De Rosnay 267). Zoe completely agrees with her mom’s choice and makes that known to the family. She will not stand to have her mother put down so aggressively. Another example of Zoe’s protectiveness is when she tells her dad to “stop it [because he’s] so rude” to Julia (De Rosnay 17). Even against her own father, Zoe defends her mother’s dignity. She knows that Bertrand says blatantly rude comments so she looks for every opportunity to defend Julia. Not only does Zoe defend Julia, she also acts as a support system. Whenever Julia feels down, Zoe says something that makes “[Julia have] to smile [because they were] such Zoe-like response[s]” (De Rosnay 6). Zoe functions as the angel in Julia’s life. She keeps her motivated and optimistic. Without Zoe’s kind words, Julia would have been in a much worse place in her marriage to Bertrand, much faster. Zoe keeps Julia grounded and at ease. Zoe brings out the best traits in society through her protectiveness and optimism.
Bertrand went through a difficult situation with Julia but handles it very poorly, bringing out the worst in him. When one gets married, you are expected to stay...

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