Survivor Or The Amazing Race? Essay

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Survivor or The Amazing Race?
Reality television is well known for its exhibition in unscripted dramatic and often humorous events that portrays real life people as opposed to professional actors. Reality television is mostly associated with the years after 2000. Television’s popular, long-running reality series Survivor, and The Amazing Race both have similar goals and outcomes, despite their themes, challenges, and ingenuity. Survivor is far more entertaining than The Amazing Race with its use of clever challenges, cast elimination, and overall ingenuity.
The ingenuity and overall quality of the challenges in Survivor is far more appealing than in The Amazing Race. In Survivor, the challenges mostly involve endurance, balance, mental acuity, and puzzle solving. Although The Amazing Race display similar aspects, and experience breath taking scenery it lacks realism among its challenges. The challenges seen in Survivor is better suited for reality entertainment in the sense that all of its challenges are constructed and developed with materials found around the island. Such as: bamboo, banana leaves, coconut shells, and twigs that all help contribute to the realistic standpoint. For example, in The Amazing Race, teams race across foreign countries to solve riddles and puzzles while being timed. Whereas Survivor involves physical, mental, and endurance to win the immunity idol, a hot cooked meal, and survive an elimination vote. Even though, The Amazing Race has a number of illustrious challenges, Survivor is simply more entertaining. Men and women wrestle for food, stab each other in the back, argue over petty issues, display love and anger towards one another while playing a strategic game of surviving the elements as well as outlasting one another.
Likewise, the cast elimination in Survivor is more intense and suspenseful than The Amazing Race. Survivor’s clever idea in creating a cast vote elimination brought the audience a thrill seeker in wondering who will be voted off the island next. In comparison, The...

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