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Susan B. Anthony And The Women Suffrage Movement

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Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) is considered one of the most influential figure in the women’s suffragist of her generation and has become an icon of the woman’s suffrage movement. Anthony is known to travel the country to give speeches, circulate petitions, and organize local women’s rights organization. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts. After the Anthony family moved to Rochester, New York in 1845, they became active in the antislavery movement gaining more supporters across the country. In 1848 Susan B. Anthony was working as a teacher in Canajoharie, New York and became involved with the teacher’s union when she discovered that male teachers were paid more than female teachers a month. Her parents and sister Marry attended the 1848 Rochester Woman’s Rights Convention held August 2Anthony’s experience with the teacher’s union, antislavery reforms, and Quaker upbringing, established ground for a career in women’s rights reform to grow.
In 1853 Anthony campaigned for women's property rights in New York State, speaking at meetings, collecting signatures for petitions, and lobbying the state legislature. Anthony had passed around petition which involved married women and their right to own property and women’s suffrage. She addressed the National Women’s Rights Convention in 1854 to urge more campaigns for greater support. By 1856 Anthony became a public figure for the American Anti-Slavery Society by arranging meetings, making speeches, putting up posters, and distributing leaflets. In her time she encountered hostile mobs, armed threats, and things thrown at her.
At the 1856 National Women’s Rights Convention, Anthony served on the business committee and spoke on the necessity of the dissemination of printed matter on women’s rights. Stanton and Anthony founded the American Equal Rights Association and in 1868 became editors of its newspaper, The Revolution. “By 1869 Stanton, Anthony and others formed the National Woman Suffrage Association and focused their efforts on a federal woman’s suffrage amendment. In an effort to challenge suffrage, Anthony voted in the 1872 Presidential election. Anthony was later arrested and put on trial in the Ontario Courthouse, Canandaigua, New York. The judge instructed the jury to find her guilty without any deliberations, but the judge did not sentence her to prison time, which ended her chance of an appeal. An appeal would have allowed the suffrage movement to take the question of women’s voting rights to the Supreme Court, but it was not to be. From 1881 to 1885, Anthony joined Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage in writing the History of Woman Suffrage.
Voting rights
One of Susan B. Anthony greatest achievement of her time was giving women the right to vote. This historical movement came to be was when Anthony tried to vote in the 1872 presidential election and was arrested. During that women didn’t have much of a voice to be heard and was against the law for women to vote. During her vote...

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