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Susan Buffet Essay

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I have known for a very long time the kind of course I wanted to take in my future. As a young child, I always loved animals. I could watch Animal Planet nonstop while playing with my toy lions, tigers, and bears. I plan to go to college for biology. I can't stand when people ask, "Oh, are you going to be a doctor?" No, not even close. Ultimately, I want to go and explore the wilder parts of the world and study what I find there. A biology degree should get me a good way there.
Unfortunately, I have a number of bad habits which I have accumulated over my public school career which could, and in all likelihood will, stand between me and my goals. I have terrible study habits. I can sit ...view middle of the document...

I should also put that I have been on the golf team since sophomore year but I don't know if one can call what I do "golf" in the strictest of senses.
Sadly, it has not all been so easy. My parents got divorced when I was in elementary school, I have seen two of my grandparents die slowly of cancer and a third die suddenly and unexpectedly. But most recently, my two best friends, the two people who I would have took a bullet for with a smile on my face, stopped talking to me. It was unexpected and devastating. They did not even extend me the courtesy of telling me what I had done wrong. That may have been the hardest part since people will inevitably stop you in the halls and ask what happened. What could I say but, "I don't know." For a while I retreated into myself and shut out the world and let myself believe no one liked me because if the two people who I knew best didn't like me, who could? Thankfully, I stopped pitying myself and forced myself to go out and talk to the friends I already had and make new one. I am happy again. I am arguably even better for it since I am far less...

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