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Susan Eloise Hinton, one of the world's most respected authors was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 22, 1950. Also known as S.E Hinton, best known for her young adult novels, especially The Outsiders. Antoine Wilson’sbiography The Library of Author Biographies: S.E Hinton highlights some of the problems Hinton endured on her path to become one of the most influential authors in America.
Growing up in the 60’s wasn’t necessarily the easiest time for a young woman to publish books. While Hinton was growing up, women didn’t have as many rights or opportunities as they do today. Young women, and girls in particular, were expected to behave according to a set of expectations established by society at that time. The 60’s, known as a decade of change for women, brought not only cultural changes to the US, but more females than ever were entering the paid workforce, women were now able to pursue careers and more opportunities became available. Over time, the feminist trends of the 60’s changed the relationships between genders and most women, at least in the middle class, were expected to have the same work opportunities and equal compensation as men, “It was no longer surprising to see women leaders in formerly ‘men’s like television production, diplomacy, or even the Supreme Court. Even conservative Republicans recruited female candidates and urged them to be as aggressive stump as men”(Walsh).The School Library Journal’s review of The Library of Author Biographies: S.E Hinton emphasizes the fact that: “She writes about true-life situations and rivalries, focusing on characters, in accessible and easy-to-understand language” states Nicole Marcuccilli, the author of the review. The School Library Journal also states that the biography is “an informative and interesting resource to help embellish a report on one of Hinton’s titles”(Marcuccilli). Nicole Marcuccilli highlights in her review that the biography is informative and easy to understand in her review.
During Susan Eloise Hinton’s childhood, many factors influenced and sparked Hinton’s fascination with writing, both as hobby and as a way to escape her problems, but what inspired her the most were her father’s death and the lack of books that interested her. Even though Hinton has been writing novels since the third grade, Hinton claims to have started writing because she “Had read all the cowboy and horse books in the library” and “wanted something to read”(Wilson, 13). Hinton felt that there weren’t enough cowboy books that could satisfy her, so she decided to write them herself. Even though The Outsiders was Hinton’s first published work, it was actually her third novel, and the two previous novels were completely focused on cowboys and horses.
Another main influence in Hinton’s passion for writing was her father’s death. During Hinton’s sophomore year in high school, as she began to write The Outsiders, meanwhile her father was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and later died...

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