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Susan Faludi "Girls Have All Power: What's Troubling Troubled Boys".

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After reading the "Girls have all power..."there is no other way than think about our society as rotten and helpless. The author shows the reader picture of "boys"; she calls them boys though they already grown up, mostly twenty years old, they seem very confused and lost in the reality they have to stand up everyday. Although they look like men they, act and think like adolescents; they even create something like a gang and call themselves Spurs. At first look, they do not have any goals and they are bitter and lazy. They spend all days wandering around, watching baseball, gambling, and partying. They do not work and put very little effort to find the job with the career's perspectives. It seems like they do not believe that it is possible for them to find the rewarding job. However later, a reader can discover that trouble boys have some dreams. Almost all of them want to be famous; they want to be a celebrity. The success for them is not associated with a hard work but with a luck and knowing the right people from the entertainment industry. These dreams however do not come true; Spurs lose their chance for being stars because there are denunciated for their bad treatment of women. They not only feel disappointed but also betrayed by the people from entertainment. Their disappointment makes them yet more bitter and angry. This anger gives way to a violent behavior directed very often in women and crime. "Some of the Spurs had been known to steal things from girls: credit cards and checkbooks and jewelry, and oddities like a gym membership cards, which one of the Spurs even tried to use in spite of feminine face laminated on the square plastic"The relationship of the Spurs with the women is another interested issue presented in the book. Anyone of the Spurs has a real girlfriend, what they want from women is sex not the emotional closeness and together spent time. The boys want to have sex as many girls as possible, they practice what they call "sex-for-points". The Spurs they do not know even girls they sleep with "we don't want to waste time for romancing"- says The...

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