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Susan Sontag's Claim It Is Clear That Photography Limits People's Interpretation Of The World.

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Susan Sontag's claim it is clear that photography limits people's interpretation of the world. This claim I false because pictures rang from people in complete destitution as seen by photos of Jacob Riis to people having a good time on vacation. Because of this diverse collection of pictures, people see the world as it is instead of "more than it really is". This is seen through actions of Hitler various world events such the Vietnam War and the Kent State incident as well as literature like The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. These eclectic sources show that photography does not limit our view upon the world and how things really are because the picture is a clear view of what really happened.Hitler shows that photography shows a clear view of the world. Unlike what Sontag stated in lines 21-23 Hitler proves her wrong. Political and ethical knowledge is shown by photos taken of Hitler's concentration camps. These pictures show the torture of millions. They also show that photography does not limit our understanding of the world. By examining these photos basic knowledge and history is evident. These photos show how the world was and what exactly happened hence contradicting with Sontag's statements in line 23. This shows that Hitler's actions was a clear view of how photography does not limit out understanding of the world, rather helps us expand knowledge.Incidents at Kent State University and the Vietnam War are both examples of what the world was at a certain point. If one is to look at a photo of the incident at Kent State they would realize that is actually what happened there at that point. The picture does not leave...

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