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The solitude of the fearful evening added to frightful atmosphere of the cold winter's night. The piercing wind breathed heavily through the city and the tiny droplets of rain danced on the roofs of every building like a concert of tap dancers. All were asleep cozy in their beds. Anxiously, she quickened her pace and faced down at her feet to escape any sights that might boost her rising fear. She muttered to herself, "Nearly home" and continuously ran the thought through her mind as an attempt to calm the invasion of panicked thoughts.She turned the corner to her street. The rain poured heavily now and the foggy night blurred her sight of what was up ahead, which was no help to the already dim streetlight. In the distance, standing in front of her house, she could just barely make out a dark figure, which seemed to blend with the sombre night. She scrubbed her eyes to focus but the image was unclear. Multiple clips of possibilities that explained the enigma of this 'man in black' and his intentions flashed through her mind. The words 'rapist' and 'serial killer' were her only thoughts.Terrified she slowed her pace as she tried to decide whether she would avoid finding out his purpose by going to her neighbour's house and stay there the night, or ignore her fear and go home. "Look at yourself, pull yourself together" she muttered to herself in a voice that seemed to rebuild her confidence. Then she smiled at herself amused at the fact that she was talking to herself. And in that sudden spur of reassurance, she passed her neighbour's house and quickly walked up her driveway, trying to ignore the figure, which seemed to be watching her every move. As she reached the front door, she dug clumsily into her handbag in search of her keys - her entry to the warmth and familiarity of home sweet home. Finally found amongst the jungle of cosmetics and coins, she unlocked the door and breathed a sigh of relief as she shut it.The beat of her heart eased to normal pace and she commended herself for her brave decision. She made her way to the bathroom and set the taps running, while in the bedroom she stripped herself of her rain soaked garments. Just for a moment as she brushed her tangled hair, she felt a soft breath against her neck. It was like gentle kiss yet cold, sending a shiver...

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Suspense in "The Birds" (comparison of the book and the film)

625 words - 3 pages that the movie was more suspenseful then the short story for multiple reasons.One important reason that I thought the movie was more suspenseful then the short story was that in the movie you could actually see what was going on. It was easier for me to understand what was happening because I could actually see it. In the story, I had to try and imagine what the characters looked like, how they acted, and what they were doing in certain scenes

The Changing Mood of "Hurry, Hurry!"

693 words - 3 pages In the short story "Hurry, Hurry", Ethel Wilson intended to write a short story with a mood that changed from a peaceful sensation to a suspenseful or violent feeling. She doubtlessly succeeded in creating a change in the mood by the means of utilizing significant literary devices, such as setting, imagery, and sentence structure. Ethel Wilson began her short story with a peaceful mood for the reason that a part of the setting was

Suspense Techniques in Slasher Films

1503 words - 6 pages In slasher films, suspense is a big factor to what makes the movie intriguing and keeps the audience watching. Suspense causes people to be on the edge of their seat with anxiety and tension with being unsure of what will happen next. It’s the feeling of not knowing what’s in a room in a haunted house when you hear strange sounds coming from it. I feel the best-known film director for his suspenseful movies is Alfred Hitchcock. To create these

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948 words - 4 pages Outline: Stephen Crane, "The Blue Hotel"Thesis: The purpose of the structure is to thoroughly define the characters, persuade the reader to choose sides, and to suspend the reader.I. IntroductionA. Stephen Crane's "The Blue Hotel" is a suspenseful drama.B. The Blue Hotel mentioned in the title is located in an old western town.C. There is an odd mix of characters that help play out the suspenseful storyline.D. The purpose of the structure is to

The Tell Tale Climax

729 words - 3 pages The Tell-Tale Climax Through use of foreshadowing and a truly suspenseful tone, Edgar Allan Poe transports his audience from the climax of "The Tell-Tale Heart," quickly to the exposition. Known for his sudden falling actions, Poe uses this technique to leave the reader feeling as though he or she were actually in the narrator's shoes, hearing the heart beat on. This feeling that the reader has is the feeling of being "nervous" (Poe 542

Non-Stop Movie Review: A Ticking Timebomb 40,000 Feet in the Air

935 words - 4 pages Non-Stop Terror, A ticking time bomb 40,000ft in the air! Making a film about the USA’s most feared terrorist attack and someone trying to prevent it, yea that sounds like a suspenseful two hours. Non-Stop, a suspenseful nonstop thriller witch is absolutely successful in providing an atmosphere of utmost distress and uncertainty. Liam Neeson is the perfect actor for this film; he is great at providing a sense of authority and the “wise man

Camera Techniques Used in Hitchcock’s Thriller Movie, Vertigo

536 words - 2 pages throughout the movie is seemed to be brightened in these intense moments. In all thriller movies lighting is an intrical part in how the audience feels about a specific shot in the film. For a thriller movie, darkness leads up to the suspenseful events. But as soon as the suspenseful event occurs, the shot seems to brighten just as in Vertigo. Along came a Spider is a perfect example.

An inspector calls, analysis of end of act two

608 words - 2 pages think this same attitude is used not just in this case but in her daily life and is shown to the audience in her behavior toward Eva. It is ironic that Mrs Birling's blindness is not only contributing to Eva's death, but is also unknown to her condemning her son. I think that gradually the audience becomes aware of the ironies in the situation, thus making the atmosphere more suspenseful and dramatic.The use of stage directions plays an important

Comparison between the two movies¦ (Romeo & Juliet movies) 1968 by Zefferelli and 1996 by Luhram

551 words - 2 pages . Lines are cut in the play, and the scene is very suspenseful. While Romeo is loving Juliet and kissing her. Her hands are moving and she's waking up! It is pretty suspenseful especially if you haven't read the Romeo & Juliet drama before you hardly can have a bit of clue of what will happen next. Is Juliet going to wake up, are they going live happily ever after or are they both going die! Also in both movies, equipment is used differently. In

Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

590 words - 2 pages by saying," Nancy and her protégée, Jolene Katz, were also satisfied..." (24). While the next section starts off, “The two young men [Dick and Perry] had little in common, but they did not realize it, for they shared a number of surface traits" (30). Although the novel has a suspenseful constitution the author added to it by using foreshadowing. This has the reader questioning certain details or looking for certain unanswered issues. Thus

Amontillado is Doom!

625 words - 3 pages “The Cask of Amontillado,” by Edgar Allen Po is a compelling short story bursting with suspense and horror. Many consider the story one of the most macabre Po has ever written. The basic plot line is about a psychotic man who traps his friend in a catacomb and walls up the exit. “The Cask of Amontillado,” is an extremely suspenseful story because it combines foreshadowing, expert character development, and skilled word choice into a riveting

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