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Suspension Essay

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Comments Suspenion can be defined as a punishment for breaking rules or not following directions. In my previous entry I expressed to you, in as many ways as possible, that I should not be subject to this punishment. I am aware that suspension is a punishment for engaging in a fight, but there is no reward for following rules and maintaining your position. Yet, there is a lighter and more gentle punishment for the one who admits that he or she started the fight, that the second person did not know of them or say anything to them, or that he or she left their designated area of the classroom to approach the targeted victim. Today, I am not here to argue whether or not I started the fight nor, whether or not I broke any rules. These crimes have been confessed to by the other young man. These crimes were also confessed to in front of Mr. Kenipcamp, Officer Wallace, and I. I have heard from a second side of the story that I threw punches at the student and that is why I was suspended. There is a question for every answer. Why were the girls who witnessed the fight up-close told to be quiet and leave, as if their testimonies were not valid. Not one time, but twice. They were urged to be quiet and leave in the study hall building as well as the office. Yet and still, the testimonies from other students were believed to be true. I would also like to add the fact that the girls who witnessed this were on the young man's side of the room. Therefore, their accounts of the story should be highly considered before someone else's account which was probably discussed over lunch with another student before giving it to the person who investigated this incident.* I only admit to tusseling with the student in order to achieve freedom from their grips. If that is a crime, then I am guilty as charged. If it is not a crime, then I am as innocent now as I was then. My point is this, with 4 security guards, thousands of...

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