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The world is developing every day and we continue to discover new and innovative ways to better our quality of life. A trend that everyone seems to be focused on is saving the environment, which is also known as sustainable living. Not only does this apply to our lifestyle and environment, but it also translates into design. Sustainable living is becoming more popular around the world and is a lifestyle using skillful and sensitive design. It eliminates negative environmental impact and requires renewable resources. We each have decided to research different furniture companies to broaden our knowledge of the innovative practices used in each company. Throughout our paper we will introduce each of our companies and the products and practices they use to produce sustainable furniture. Our research will show that sustainable furniture design is beneficial to consumers by allowing them to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle as their manufacturers develop innovative ways to make renewable furniture.
Company Introductions
Ashley Furniture is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Once the CEO, Todd Wanek, informed himself of the benefits of sustainability in furniture design, he chose to alter their manufacturing process by using engineered wood opposed to lumber. For over 60 years Ashley Furniture has specialized in furniture design which has won them the title of "World-Class Furniture Manufacturer". With all of the innovation and experience in the furniture industry, they have come to be known as the "largest manufacturer of quality home furnishings". Ashley strives to achieve the best quality possible for their furniture and they are also continuously looking for ways to refine their products. After realizing all of the benefits that engineered wood has to offer, Todd Wanek decided to stop using solid wood materials in their products and permanently switch to engineered wood. In order to know if this is truly sustainable for Ashley Furniture, we have to first analyze the environmental benefits. (
Another material to consider when evaluating the possible sustainability and health benefits of furniture is bamboo. Greenington is a key player in the development of bamboo furniture manufacturing. The company was founded by Rick Espe in 2006 after over 17 years of manufacturing bamboo furniture. The company prides itself in high quality, sustainable furniture made of bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. Collections feature a variety of elegant pieces at affordable prices. Information about materials and processes that go into the manufacturing of Greenington furniture can be found on their website: The company’s motto is “Go with Bamboo, and Live with Sustainability”. Appropriately, details of their bamboo farming and processing is included amongst their web content. For example, the company describes how their Moso Bamboo is grown in a sustainable farm and processed in ISO 9000...

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