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MARKETTING RESEARCH PAPERSubmitted to: Submitted byProf. Narendrababu B V. A.S.ChandruSustainability Issues in Indian CorporateAbstract:My Research paper is about the sustainability of Chocolate companies in India and their CSR activities. I have analyzed some of the companies like AMUL, CADBURY and NESTLE and explained how they are sustaining in this market despite having huge competition from other brands including Indian as well as Foreign chocolate companies.What is Sustainability?To put it in simple words it is "The Ability to Sustain" or put another way, "The Capacity to Endure"The planet's ecosystems are deteriorating and the climate is changing. We are consuming so much, and so quickly, that we are already living far beyond the earth's capacity to support us. It is expected that by 2050, the world population will be around 9 billion and there is no guarantee that all of them will get their basic needs. Today many companies are aware of that and they are now showing their interest towards Sustainability Development, Green marketing and CSR activities. In this paper I have explained about how these chocolate companies take this issue seriously and respond to it.Sustainability DevelopmentAt Nestle, sustainability development means "the process of increasing the world's access to higher quality food, while contributing to long term social and economic development, and preserving the environment for the future". Almost all the companies have this same opinion about sustainability. Their Goal is not just making profit alone but to contribute something for the society.A key feature of Nestle's approach is to locate aspects of production in the developing world, rather than to simply source raw materials there. 45% of their factories are situated in such countries, and 48% of their employees are located in developing countries, even though these countries represent less than a third of their sales. Nestlé has publicly stated that a fundamental principle of its economic investments is that they should be "good for the country and good for the company". In this way Nestlé seeks to be a true partner in sustainable development.One of the notable principles they follow is advertising to children, including events and sponsorships. "Advertising should not be disguised as programming or editorial, and should not undermine the authority, responsibility or judgment of parents or care providers. In addition, advertising should not portray children in unsafe situations nor encourage them to acceptinvitations from people that they do not know".Green MarketingRecently Amul announced that Amul chocolates will be manufactured with Green technology. Amul Dairy has adopted low carbon technology at the...

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