Sustainability, It's Better For The Future.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, wondering how your life will be when you’re finally a college graduate? Well I, meaning you from the future, finally became a college graduate from California State University Monterey Bay. It only took me four years to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. However along the way I made a couple important decisions in my life that changed it for the better; remember always wanting to change the way you consumed energy and water because you thought you used more than necessary. About a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted to change my ways, which I was able to accomplish, I created two new personal policies, one for energy and another for water, which I will follow in my everyday life. Implementing my personal energy policy: turn off any lights or electrical items when not in use and my water policy: to take shorter showers or turning off the faucet while brushing teeth, helped me obtain my ideal environmental world view which is Stewardship. The aspects of this type of world view have to do with being environmentally aware, taking responsibility as caretakers of the earth. One main concern or thought of Stewardship knows that we will most likely never run of a certain product or good, but why waste it if we don’t have to. Not only did adopting the two new personal polices help me obtain my ideal environmental worldview, it actually created a more sustainable lifestyle for me.
There are a few reasons why I say my personal policies created a more sustainable lifestyle for myself yet; all the reasons mainly have to deal with the three circles of sustainability. The three circles of sustainability are three main concepts that have to blend together to create a sustainable environment. One of the circles concept has to be socially desirable, part of being sustainable is making sure the people in society are happy. For example, you must make sure that not only are the consumer goods pleasing to society, but that all the people involved with the goods and services are treated fairly. Another circles concept is that it has to be ecologically viable as well; being ecologically viable has to make sure that the environmental systems are and will remain healthy over time. When a real estate company decides to build a new apartment complex; they first check if the environment of the location site is healthy then they will take steps to ensure that it will remain well in the future, now that is being ecologically viable. Although it needs to be ecologically viable it also needs to be economically feasible. Which brings me to the last circle of being economically feasible, this means the benefit of actually finishing an activity has to be greater than the cost of that certain activity. A year and a half ago when I decided to implement my personal policies I had a couple ideas of what to do to help me obtain a better energy usage, one idea was to buy solar panels for my house, but that was not affordable for my...

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