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Sustainability Project Essay

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The idea of water is often overlooked as being something that we need to try ad sustain. We have the whole ocean and there seems to constantly be a storm dumping rain over the country at all times. But do we really have enough water to support all our needs including the irrigation for our crops and the water that we need to consume to stay healthy? Do the rivers and streams hold a quality of clean and healthy water? The project that I am about to discuss was set into play in order to try and tackle these questions as well as many other concerns such as flood protection, wildlife and recreation uses, and actively getting the people aware and supportive of change. This project is known as modernizing water management and building a national sustainable rivers program. The nature conservancy teams up with the Army Corps of Engineers in trying to find sustainable solutions to river health. Throughout the 20th century the United States built thousands of Dams and several other types of water projects to try and meet the growing need that was present from water, food, flood protection, hydropower and navigation. Of all the dams that were built some 40-80 years ago there is very few of them that have been fully reviewed to see if they meet the current needs. They have not been inspected to prepare for future circumstances or to observe any new updates that they may be in need of. With the idea of this sustainable project we can now attempt to modernize the operations and to improve the social, economic and environmental benefits that they can provide for us now as well as for the future generations that are still to come. The idea is to improve our current dams and try to build a better system to manage the waterways through our country in order to maintain healthy, quality water for all purpose in a safe and efficient standard. There are many different strategies that are undertaken to try and achieve these goals. One is the teaming up of the conservancy and the Army Corps of Engineers to develop plans and operations for the Green River Dam that could improve conditions for the downstream ecosystems while still meeting the human’s needs surrounding that area. The Green River is host to a number of species of mussels, fish and many other groups of species that are connected in the cave systems that surrounds the area. By modifying flows on the Green River there were many benefits that opened for spawning cycles of fish as well as many freshwater mussels. These practices also helped with flood control issues and provided longer and healthier recreational seasons for the citizens to enjoy. The impacts that have resulted from these changes are huge in regards to the ecological aspects. Scientist has been reporting an overwhelming increase in the number and diversity of the wildlife around the Green River Dam. The word spread quickly of the success of the Green River Dam project and since has encouraged many other projects across several other waterways...


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