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Sustainable Agriculture And Its Importance Worldwide

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I do believe it is necessary and possible for agriculture to become more sustainable if we expect to continue to feed and clothe the increasing world population. Sustainable agriculture is needed to serve human needs and preserve our environment, and without the increase of productivity in agriculture, we cannot reduce the risks of poverty, which isn’t going to get any better within time. The world’s population is expected to be on the rise dramatically throughout the next few years, and with economic expansion, will come an increase in the demand of food supply. Though resources are inadequate, and the affects of food security do apply to the way we have our agriculture farming, I think that within time we can still improve customs of cultivation. Keeping up with the supply and demand is what we should be improving for our peers.
Sustainable agriculture is the production of animal and plant products, food, and fiber using methods in ways where the environment is also being protected, public health is being preserved and the care of human communities and animal safety is being looked after. Preserving the environment is practiced by raising crops and animals by not relying on harsh chemical pesticides and the use of synthetic fertilizers. It is much better for our generation to have sustainable farming because growing fruits and vegetable on sustainable farms makes it safer for us to consume, and also for the surrounding areas. This helps conserve a strong ecosystem and healthy lifestyle for all human beings.
In today’s agriculture in the United States, we rely on what is the fastest way of getting food on the tables for families. The US is currently is dominated by industrial agriculture, making us live in an agroecosystem. An agroecosystem is not natural but it is scientifically treated by humans. More than ninety percent of the livestock that we consume as well as livestock feed are produced by agroecosystem. As you can see with these statistics, our lives very much depend on agroecosystems and it is crucial to our human life. Since, in the past 40 years, as the global population has doubled, agroecosystems have also kept up with the pace and global population continues the demand that is placed on agroecosystems with the supply of food and other necessities. It very well has an impact environmentally, socially, and economically whether it is...

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