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Sustainable Development, A New Way Of Urbanization

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Urbanization, which is becoming a buzzword during the last few decades, is enlarging at a booming speed. It is predicted that 93 percents urban growth will occur to the year 2020, in the developing world (Elliot J.A, 1999). Generally speaking, more than half of the people around the world have been moved to cities, which led to a series of “matters” connected with people’s life that changed in a dramatical way. In this period, sustainable development, another buzzword during the past few years, came into people’s view and gradually became the mainstream of society development. Its definition is to make the development continue in a long term, which means allowing appropriate economic growth and industrialization without environment damage or undermining the quality of the natural environment (Adams.W.M, 1999). Sustainable development plays a growing part in the world today, for its showing us how to reduce the effect caused by rapid urbanization, namely environmental pollution, deforestation, and scarcity of resources.
Environmental pollution
According to sustainable development, the development of urbanization should be in a eco-friendly way. Along with the speeding urbanization, many factories is zooming in an unbelievable speed to meet the growing demands and consequently causes environmental pollution, such as air pollution and water pollution. Air pollution has been “at levels where serious health effects are reported”, according to Mage David (1996). A way to combat air pollution is popularizing gas purification system in factories. As technology has been making such a progress, the utilization rate of the fuel is close to the maximum. The utilization of heating oil can get to 89% annual fuel utilization efficiency (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, 2008). Therefore working on purifying gases, making it less harmful by remove those poisonous gases, is much more effective right now. In another way, factories also produce and discharge effluent, containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which can lead to eutrophic water body. To reduce the impact, factories also need some simple treatments before drain sewage in case of ecological system disorders.
Redman L (2013) says that “The transport sector is also a key contributor to air pollution.” With the development of economy, more people can afford a car which lead to a rapid growth of it. A main reason that cars causes air pollution is heating gasoline, a kind of fossil fuel, which is considered to be “the main contributors to environment and health problems at the local, regional and global levels (Goldemberg J, Coelho S T & Lucon O,2004).” A way to solve this problem is to find new energy, for example ethanol, a renewable and convenient resource, to replace gasoline. A report said “there are 20 million hectares can produce ethanol, which is enough to replace 10% of the gasoline used in the world (Goldemberg J,2007).” In addition, the combustion of...

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