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Sustainable Earth Population Essay

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The issue has come up that the human population of earth has overshot a sustainable carrying capacity, and an equilibrium population must be obtained. Perhaps this has come into view from the earth's population recently passing the six billion mark and projections that it is growing at a rate of 84 million people per year, and fearing a devastating natural die off some people are looking at these numbers and trying to come up with solutions to reduce and sustain the human population.I am taking the argument that our earth's human population has overshot a sustainable quantity, because the way it appears linearly. If we look at a graph of the human population on earth over the past 300 years it appears and is exponential. At the beginning in the 1700's through till the 1870's the population change was a relatively scant, but as time goes on and the industrial revolution was taking place starting in the 1870's we start to see the upward curve in an exponential line developing. We see this line increase in slope throughout the 1900's, to today and the almost vertical direction we see it at today. The human population is like a line where as a line can only go so far on a graph and we run out of paper; the human population can only grow so great before we run out of earth, and we cannot increase the size of our earth to facilitate the extra people like we can increase the graph area to increase area to follow the line. Therefore we must reduce our population to a level that we can sustain and never run out of "paper" for.One may argue that our earth can sustain this increase in human population because as our race has advanced we have been able to advance ourselves in our societal standards and practices to handle increased populations. Take for instance the early years of earth where small nomadic tribes of people...

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