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Sustainable Issues And Marketing Strategy Essay

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Table of contents•Executive summary•Introduction•Main statements of sustainability issues•Conclusion•ReferencesExecutive summaryThe environment is the people and things that are around our life and wide range of aspects include under the definition of environment for example, air, water, land on Earth every natural features are part of itself. In this research I have studied about the sustainability an issue which is environmental aspect including climate change, air pollution, waste that how Virgin Atlantic has been challenging to it and more especially on carbon emission aspects.Short introduction about companyThe Virgin Group is one of the UK's largest companies and its highest-profile business was Virgin Atlantic that developed in the international airline business. However, there are more than 200 businesses which diversified through financial, entertainment, railways, telecommunication, mega-store and so on. Initially, Virgin brand name is widely recognized by their customers and staffs which their attitude of business is impressive, and associated with words such as 'fun', 'innovative', 'daring', and successful. Moreover, all these corporate image and brand itself was created by the founder who is called Richard Branson's managerial approach and their trustful mangers. As far as, Virgin Group has been running business as a diversified and approaching to build up more greener and environmental friendly firm in terms of competitive and economy recession time.Sustainability issuesAll major impacts consider how to make sustainable development and maximize their economic growth indeed. There are three major measurements of sustainable development which can illustrate by the below performances:1. Economic action ( competitiveness, trade, investment, finance, technology)2.Social justice ( poverty eradication, reduction of inequality, respect for human rights, democracy, good governance, partnership with civil society)3.Environmental protection( natural recourses management, environmental governance, protecting biodiversity, tackling climate change)Above three measurements manage cohesively sustainable development. However, this research has focused on sustainable Earth aspects with raising questions of why it is being carried out more seriously for case of successful business development. According to the Virgin's role which playing in recent changeable environment the company is creating new development plans to against and protect in case of scarcity of resources, failing ecosystems and rapidly increasing climate change.The Virgin said that their goal cannot be profit at any cost, because they knew that tomorrow's success depends on the trust they built today. (Virgin Unite, 2008). From this point of view that Virgin has easily seen as a cooperating and collaborating to its marketing strategy in changing attitude of consumer behavior. If the company only tend to maximizing profit and looking for the short term gains may...

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