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Sustainable Management Of Ecosystem Services Essay

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While environmentalists and scientists have discussed the idea of ecosystem services for several decades, it only gained attention after an official announcement of its concept, by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) in 2005. As a new field in ecology, I realized that there is much more research needed to be done in terms of management and sustainable development of ecosystem services. Many environmentalists have brought up new ideas and methods to improve ecosystem services and have created programs to promote their sustainability. Despite these efforts, however, the resulting outcomes have not been so successful than expected and ecosystem services still remain under threat. This ...view middle of the document...

For such systems to work, groups of various field experts must work together as a team and take a more diverse—environmental, social, and economic—approach..

Environmental - Planet
The environment is an essential part of ecosystem services. Ecosystems define a biome, and biomes define the biosphere. This means that ecosystems are interconnected systems and on a large scale affecting one ecosystem will affect others. Although provisioning services such as water and food are provided by ecosystems, people should not be wasteful and must prevent overexploitation at all costs. Even if resources are renewable, the rate at which people harvest should not exceed the rate of regeneration, and as for nonrenewable resources, there must be comparable development of renewable substitutes. Likewise, pollution, which is another major threat to ecosystems, should not exceed the assimilative capacity of the environment. From my experience, people tend to think that as a sole individual, they do not negatively affect the environment. This is where problems begins. In real life, however, we are not alone. We are individuals that make up a community and thus we act of behalf of the community; if ecosystem degradation is a result of a community then each individual of the community should take responsibility....

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