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Sustainable Peace Essay

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Countries all have different cultures none of us share the same culture. So why are we trying to make other countries be like us? There are multiple reason as to why we are going into other countries and trying to make peace that we cannot achieve, but none of them seem like a really reasonable reason why we are going into other countries and making a mess. They just want peace in the world and they just want all of the countries to get along and have peace, but that is not what they are going to get out of this. Another reason is to pretty much save our own behinds because they don’t want the countries to come over and attack us and put our country in danger. Some of these countries don’t want our help but we are giving it to them anyway and that is why they are not listening to us and turning around and stabbing us in the back. If these countries wanted our help they would go and ask for it we don’t need to be sticking our nose in other people’s business because we want to, most people don’t like other people in their business. I guess for the sake of the country that the security sector reform is important, but it causes some problems. Countries in the past 30 years that have been in transition like Afghanistan has gone from authoritarian to democratic governance, Iraq has gone from war to peace, and how I think the best way to reform the security sector within the societies in transition should go.
One of the biggest known places that we have gone in and used our security sector reforms is in Iraq and that happened just a few years ago and that lasted about eight years and it went from war to peace and then back to war again. This would be the case of they were at war and we came in and messed everything up and then they listened to us hoping that we would go away and we did, so they could turn right back around to their old ways again. We go in and try to fix it, but they didn’t want our help and we were in the middle of their business and they didn’t like that very much. We had quite a few soldiers go over to Iraq and lose their life because the Iraqi’s didn’t want our help they were fine the way they were I guess. The reasoning behind the whole thing was for money they didn’t care about the Iraqi people all they wanted was to make bank off of the country. We tried to help them as much as we could and if they would have listened to us they would probably have some kind of sustainable peace by now, but we tried to enforce our beliefs on them and it didn’t really work out because they liked the old way better. If we would have had a successful reform and enforced the Iraqi guys to listen to us and their country would be so much better and more developed if they stopped fighting and had the right form of government. They didn’t listen to us.
One of the other countries that has been really recent in trying to accomplish the transition from authoritarian to democratic governance that is really personal to me would be the country...

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