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Sustainable Youth Ministry Essay

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In the book Sustainable Youth Ministry, Mark DeVries shares some methods that he has seen work with different youth ministries to make them sustainable. DeVries has taken time to go to many churches around the country and work with them on created a sustainable youth ministry. Five principles from this book that I feel are important for having a sustainable youth ministry include: investment, systems approach to youth ministry, emotional health of a youth minister, time management skills, and relationships.
First, investment in the youth ministry is important. An example that is given in the text is that of the easy button. “Easy buttons don’t work in life; they don’t work in marriage, and ...view middle of the document...

I can’t really say how the money aspect, number of volunteers or number of leaders can relate to my life specifically. What I can say about these concepts is how it should affect the ministry that I volunteer with. I think that as a ministry of a larger church, we need to make sure that we are investing enough money in each of the youth that we are trying to impact. We also need to make sure that based on how many youth generally come to one of our weekly event that we have enough volunteers. I think that the ratio given of one adult for every five youth is really doable and allows for the youth to have really good relationships with the adults that help out in the ministry. I think that the youth pastor who runs the ministry does a really good job of making sure that there are enough adult volunteers with the high number of students. Some challenges that might take place with trying to implement these ideas into the ministry that I currently work with is that as a whole the ministry generally only gets students from Indiana Wesleyan University to be adult leaders and if there are not enough IWU students that are willing to volunteer their time then there is not a one to five ratio. I think if more students that attend College Wesleyan Church knew about the opportunity to help out with the youth ministry the number of adult volunteers would go up and help with the one to five ratio of leaders to students.
Another important aspect of ministry that creates a sustainable youth ministry includes the aspect that the ministry needs to be run with a systems-based approach to the ministry. It is important that the ministry runs with a system-based approach so that when there is leadership changes, the bottom of the ministry does not fall out and the new ministers who step into the position have some idea of how the ministry is supposed to run. According to DeVries, a ministry that is run on content-based issues focuses on specific topics of conflict. A ministry that runs on systems-based issues focuses more on the things that are happening beneath, around, and within topics of concern.
I think this is an important concept to be brought into my life because it would make me more aware of conflicts that I face in the different relationships that I have. I think that it is also important that the College Wesleyan youth group follows the systems-based approach to conflict so that way they know how to best handle conflict and how to engage with others who face issues. I feel like the systems-based approach is important so that way everyone is on the same page when dealing with conflict. It is also important because it allows for teaching others about some of the different topics that people in the ministry might face or come in contact with within the ministry environment. Some challenges that might be present include that there might be a way that conflict gets dealt with already and it may work really well for the ministry and they might not want to...

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