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1. Concrete Cloth has lower life cycle costs and minimal waste. Whatever can even be considered as waste can be recycled and reused. It uses up to 95% less material than conventional concrete. It has minimal impact on the local ecology.

2. I believe it is far more important to demand that products have the best health performance characteristics. Product transparency would mean everything in the product would be made available for the general public to read and know about, which also merely might mean green-washing galore! The precautionary principle here would reinforce the demand. Maybe a ranking system can be created. Nothing under xy rating is allowed onto the shelves. Whatever is above that must come with a detailed description of what each point is equivalent to. One might think of it as the LEED grading system, but just for health characteristics.

3a. Two problems with the LCA tools are the following: information gaps and transparency of data. With some LCA tools, assumptions vary or are not available to the user. This can lead to problems of misunderstanding.

3b. Regardless of these issues, having LCA thinking helps one assess impacts in a more informative manner. Thus allowing the consumer and manufacturer to be more conscientious about what they opt for.

4. Eliminating the use of non-renewable source and replacing it with renewable sources would be a great step in stirring the next Industrial Revolution. Hyrdo, Solar, wind and geothermal are our current forms of renewable energy. Especially with what is buzzing around about fusion energy. These sources should be fully tapped into and made the norm. A second step would using technology to really inform people of their impact on society. An app to let you know how much energy you’ve used. Maybe a big green number shows up on your screen every few hours and lets you know how far you are from a “sustainable” daily usage. Last but not least, if a way was created where the average individual could produce his or her own energy then that would fast-track technologies without having to depend on subsidies.
5. Although some establishments still hide behind a veil of green-washing, most have understood that transparency is expected. Transparency builds trust. While accountability, though may swing either in the positive or negative direction, gives or takes trust. In terms of being sustainable, I think one has to look at it as a cycle, a continuous cycle. It begins with learning, then practicing, then reflecting, and lastly...

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