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Soc 167
Assignment #2: What Kind of Organization is UCSB?
The University of California Santa Barbara is an organization that is composed of an external formal world and an internal social world made up of faculty and students. Organizations can reflect Rationalist or Naturalist perspectives, which are two contrasting theories on how organizations function. Rationalist organization theory is the idea that an organization is a tool for achieving a definable goal or set of goals. On the other hand, Naturalist organization theory focuses on informality based on the organization members’ behaviors and relations among one another. The two major differences between rational and natural organization theories mainly concern the importance of the organization’s goal complexity and structure. I argue that overall, The University of California Santa Barbara is a Rationalist organization because it is a complex organization that uses a formal structure and rules to define the role of each member of the organization, to achieve its defined goals, and to ensure the success of the university.
The University of California Santa Barbara is a Rationalist organization because its formal structure has created limits for students and faculty. The structure of the university is a formal structure that is organized in a hierarchal arrangement of relationships between different roles of its members within the organization units and relationships between departments within the organization. The formal structure of UCSB is composed of a hierarchy of staff, who are assigned responsibilities depending on their position within the organization. From the Rationalist perspective, the formal structure of UCSB is committed to support and ensure the achievement of the end goal of the university. The goals of UCSB include enrolling new students every year, ensuring that students succeed in school, promoting the well-being of all students, safeguarding the school’s reputation and ranking, and preparing students for graduation and success.
From a Rationalist perspective, UCSB is a highly complex organization that is composed of many people, processes, rules, strategies, and units. As discussed in the lecture “Organization as Rational Tools”, UCSB operates under a bureaucratic administration that has a fixed division of labor, positions and offices arranged in hierarchy, actions governed by rules, separation of person and office, and officials selected by merit. According to the organizational chart found on UCSB’s website, the hierarchy appoints Chancellor Yang at the top with the most power to assign tasks to the organization’s faculty members and to make important decisions. According to the lecture “Organizations as Rational Tools”, the authority to make decisions is rationed and in this case, Chancellor Yang has the authoritative power to make decisions that are oriented towards providing a thought-provoking and meaningful experience for all of the organizations members....

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