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Su Vs Are Not The Problem Essay

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SUVs Are Not the ProblemDo SUVs do more harm than good, or do SUVs do more good than harm? Environmentalists say SUVs are using too much oil and harming our environment with air pollution. Jerry Taylor, Director of Natural Resource Studies at the Cato Institute, wrote "No Apologies Needed for Driving an SUV." In this article, he talks about how people should not feel guilty about driving SUVs. In today's society, SUVs are better in safety, meeting people's needs, and air quality.When buying a car, the most important part is safety. A consumer wants to be safe when driving, especially when others are in the vehicle. SUVs have stronger bodies than cars; therefore, SUVs can take a much greater impact than a car can in an accident. Jerry Taylor says "[….] should an accident occur, it's the SUV that is statistically more likely to save little Johnny from death or dismemberment" (281). When a person has their family in the car, they want to feel safe if something was to occur. Safety is always an issue, especially when people live in areas where snow and ice are common occurrences, and getting to work and back is a concern. Protection should always be an important issue particularly when a person is in charge of other people's lives.Additionally, people's needs must be met when they are deciding on an automobile. People who have multiple kids need bigger vehicles. Most families car pool with other parents for different events. Families want to make sure their kids, as well as others, have a place to sit with their own seatbelt. Besides for...

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