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Sw Illinois Tif Success Stories Essay

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April 2013 Subscribe online now! Illinois Business Journal Page 13
City of Columbia, school district partner to grow business and industrial tax base via TIF
By ALAN J. ORTBALS When Ill. Rte. 3 was rerouted to bypass downtown Columbia in the mid-1970s, it opened up commercial development opportunities for prime real estate; unfortunately, the land so offered suffered In 1996, the city of Columbia and other !" #$% & ! '( % ) amended district focused on infrastructure improvements as well as assistance to individual businesses to improve and % %% * "+ community and economic development. & !" ! %% $ * *
% /$ & ! 2 !" % " room for yet another 50 employees. * "$% ! %" "+!! incentives. 4 ! % "* district has had a seat at the table from cooperative manner to combat problems %$ "!& local school district, he says, built a new % renovation of the area in 2005, and that district also partnered with the city to %% & "% ! % $
% : ! % < & $ was platted in 1994, the developer donated a 33-acre parcel to the city of > % %# " % %!% !! $%
% ! enhancement in the area, which will also hold and store stormwater runoff. * " ! %% < + > ! stormwater problem to a successful conclusion.
Southwestern Illinois TIF Success Stories
To find out more about what the ity of Collinsville has to offer, contact
Economic Development at 618-346-5200
Collinsville pairs TIF dollars with state transportation grant to improve Uptown district
By ALAN J. ORTBALS ? '@ > $ + % A%! / >" Vandalia Streets. Over the past several years, the ? B%& % ?#@(D > $ E F F/ $& !" % ! Clay and Main Streets has been removed. Collinsville Uptown coordinator Leah E"" 2 2 $ in the way; it has also left remnants of land ! >" / & &?G "! %! $" % !!" ) ! % A%! + !% % !!"
B$% " identity for Collinsville, based on " "% objective the city hopes to achieve via the %H"E"> $ ! $ !"+! A%! " !! "+$ $! " In late summer or early fall, the third phase of the Uptown streetscape %$ %! !"&!%!% " / F"E" ! > "J % ! also include streetscape improvements > > F# ! % ! % $
!% % ! % Collinsville has only to come up with 20 % $ project because it received $1.25 million in ? & % * E"" " $ ?&* % N which will continue down Main Street east of Rte. 159 F >" & N % % area that has historically been cut off from A%! E"" more visible, more accessible and more attractive to customers and merchants.
On the other end of Uptown, the city % // and Main Square apartments on W. Main F& ! BB> J ! $ toward the corner of Main and Combs and % "!"A%! ! # ! development. / "%% &?G ! $% "E" " ! be...

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