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Everyone would want to have a magical pill that could make him or her lose weight. Eight score and 13 years ago, at the dawn of the dieting craze, when Americans began to consider a thin, supple figure to be the epitome of beauty and vitality, such a pill was either unheard of or was a placebo. Exercise and a strict diet plan had been the only ways to achieve the desired weight loss, at least until the invention of dietary pills by Stanford University physicians in the 1930s. Along with dietary pills, an increasing amount of innovations that induce laziness, are being introduced into the markets of our increasingly susceptible population. For the sake of shortening further readings, which will help the reader to help prevent his eyes from becoming too lazy to continue reading, I will innovatively construct a new word that will embody a certain meaning. This word shall be “lazitivityTM,” which means, the factor, level, or amount of desired laziness pertaining to a person, group, or object (desire to be lazy). Innovations, especially ones that produce quick results, often lead to a dangerous increase in a person’s lazitivity, which by extension is detrimental for that person’s mental and physical state.
The increasing alternative options, as provided by innovations, for each problem, have allowed a person to choose the easiest option as the solution. It must be kept in mind that what determines if an innovation remains and whether it becomes a standard of everyday life is dependent on the consumers who use that innovation. What would convince consumers to keep using an innovation? A possible cause may be that the innovation makes a person’s life more convenient. Laziness is often linked to a lack of motivation to work hard and so, when an apparently easier alternative is introduced, obviously groups of people will pursue the easier alternative. For example, many people are easily susceptible to innovative fad diets, which are temporary trending diets that promote rapid short term weight loss but show no apparent concern for long term health maintenance. Also, no scientific evidence has been able to validate the claims of a majority of the fad diets.
The Grapefruit Diet, otherwise known as the Hollywood Diet, is a fad diet that has lasted from the 1930s till modern times, to which it still retains popularity. The Grapefruit Diet, even after the course of 80 years, still has a lack of scientific evidence for its claim that grapefruits have “fat-burning” enzymes. However, there is scientific evidence that supports the diet’s low calorie intake, which is below 1200 calories daily, its low carbohydrate intake, and its low nutrient consumption, which all contributes to health risks. According to the Universities of Southern California and Hawaii, increased breast cancer risks and medicine complications due to grape juice negatively interacting will certain drugs, is common. By seeking the “magical pill” that will ensure rapid weight loss at a...

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907 words - 4 pages generation; what if we have future grandmothers yelling “YOLO”, or stressing they have “swag” to the next generation? I hope next generation could be better than this one. When I was younger, I did not have a superb childhood. It was not that easy being fat. I was fat. I looked like a giant marshmallow walking around in a jacket in 99 degree weather trying to cover up my fat. That did not work out well. Besides being fat, I was once terrorized for a

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