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Sweaty Palms Essay

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Stress is something that affects everyone, and it is riddled throughout our lives. People who are in school often feel the weight of stress because they are balancing everything at once. Students are like jugglers, having three different things going on at once while still seemingly maintaining all of them. The effects of stress on college students are balancing work with school, pressure to succeed, and financial troubles.
The numbers of hours in a day never change nor the days in a week, but one thing that is sure to change are the things that one needs to accomplish. Many college students spend a majority of their time studying, however, numerous students also have jobs and other responsibilities they have to attend to. At the start of every semester the cycle of having to balance work and school starts up again. As soon as registration is open, students scramble to pick classes that fit into their busy lives. Even if they have managed to balanced their work and ...view middle of the document...

With high unemployment the likelihood of a college student landing a career job after graduating is low. More than ever students feel the pressure to be the best. Undergraduates frequently compete with one another for internships that will help their future careers. Internships are especially helpful because they create relationships with companies. When those companies are seeking new employees they would rather hire people they already know they can rely on. Although internships are rewarding most do not pay their interns, and rarely do interns have the opportunity to practice their specialty. Rather, many interns are stuck doing minimal or boring tasks, such as, getting coffee.
Numerous undergraduates take out student loans because they are unable to pay the increasing costs of tuition. The price tag for going to college has only risen in the last few years, and will continue to do so when the interest rates on loans expires. In a recent article in The Seattle Times, Sandi Halimuddin writes that “ Congress voted to extend the low interest rates of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. If Congress does not take action this year, more than 7 million students will pay $1,000 more per loan per year.” As if studying, working, and maintaining your social life was not enough of a struggle, the increasing amount of crippling debt only makes it worse. With the job market crumbling students are having to rethink their degree choices. With indecisiveness comes a price, and that price is student loans. The average college graduate leaves school with approximately $20,000 dollars in debt, and without career jobs, students are left in the dark.
Lastly, college students are not the only ones that feel these pressures. Any American trying to make a living experiences these stressors. There is something that everyone needs to remember, and that is to set priorities, and have goals. If one can accomplish a few things a day then tasks can seem more manageable. Though this does not mean that people will live stress free lives. Stress can have harmful side effects on peoples health, but on the other hand it also acts as a motivator, which allows students to rethink their plans. It forces them to make better decision about tomorrow since they are aware about economic problems that our society faces.

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