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Sweeden Vs. Finland This Essay Compares The Economic Characteristics Of These Two Countrys Which Means It Tell How They Earn And Spend Money And All Sinilartys And Differences Of The Two

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Sweden vs. FinlandComparing Economic CharacteristicsIn this essay I'm going to compare and contrast Sweden and Finland's economic characteristics. Compare means to show all the similarity between things and contrast means the show all the differences between things. Economic characteristics are how people earn and spend their money in their country. It's interesting how two countries so close together geographically can have so many similarities and differences.Natural resources are very important to both countries economies. Sweden is a big producer of iron ore and other natural minerals. Finland is not a big producer of minerals. They lack in coal, oil, and most of the other natural minerals. Over half of Sweden is covered in forests. Finland also has lots of forests. The government owns one-third of their northern forest and timber is Finland's biggest export. They are a world leader in the pulp and paper market.The two countries have different money systems. In Sweden they use krona and you have to use eight and a half krona to equal one U.S. dollar. In Finland the call their money finmark and one finmark equals one U.S. dollar.Both Finland and Sweden joined the EU (European Union) in 1994. Both countries have socialist governments. Both countries have very well-developed health care systems. Both countries spend approximately 8.8% of their GNP on health care costs.Finland and Sweden both have a free-market economy. This is a good thing because this means that the government can't put prices on someone else's products. This means people get to put their own prices on their own products. Finland has a very high unemployment rate at ten percent and Sweden on the other hand has a lower one at five point five percent.Finland and Sweden agriculturally produce different things. Finland produces cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, dairy cattle, and fish. Sweden agriculturally produces other things like grains, sugar beets, potatoes, meats, and milk. Finland has more than twice as much agricultural output as Sweden. Finland has five percent output and Sweden has two percent output. Finland is a low-lying country with over 60,000 lakes. This probably makes for more fertile soil and better growing conditions.Both Sweden and Finland have huge, long coastlines. This is very good for their economies because of all the importing and exporting they can do on the harbors. Finland is a great place for fishing. A great place where fish are caught and sold on the spot is Helsinki, Finland. Sweden is also a very large fishing country, most fisherman start out being cod fishermen.Both Finland and Sweden place a very high degree of importance on preserving the environment. They have strict laws on industrial emissions allowed and a high level of nuclear safety. Hydroelectricity is a very important type of electricity in both countries. Sweden is...

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