Sweet 16, Or Sweet 18? Essay

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Sweet 16, or Sweet 18?

An average 15 year old teenage girl sits outside the school in the chilly, winter wind. She is waiting for her father to arrive to take her home. She couldn't wait to turn 16. Nothing sounded better than ditching the frozen bench for a plush car seat. She dreamed about being able to do so many more extra curricular activities, not having to worry about her parents schedule. She could help out around the house, and go have fun with her friends. She just couldn't wait, but what would happen if the legal driving age was changed to 18? Would all of her dreams about turning 16 be shattered? This paper is about the effects of changing the legal age of driving to 18.
First, Teenagers being able to drive is essential to their livelihood. Teenagers have at least 1 extra curricular activity. Most young people who can't drive yet, rely on other people for transportation to events. Households that only have 1 car have a disadvantage, because parents are the main source of lifts (Storey & Brannen 7). On the other hand, there is public transportation. According to the article Young People and Transport in Rural Areas, the fare structure on buses for young people are they have to pay full price. This is because the driver expects younger people to cause problems on the bus. This causes teens to feel uncomfortable (Storey & Brannen 24). Storey and Brannen commented on this situation with, “ The old people start to complain that there’s no space on the bus and it’s all taken by young people.” If the crowding of people on public transportation is overwhelming now. Could you imagine how crowded the buses would be if twice the amount had to ride because they couldn’t drive?
Second, Young people are generally more technologically capable, and are more likely to be distracted by mobile media devices than older people. Texting and driving is one of the main causes of car accidents. Statistics have proven that a teenager that is busy texting will have the reaction time of an elderly individual over the age of 70 (Maria 2). Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. That is enough time to travel the length of a football field (Snyder 1). There are some ways around texting and driving though. You can choose to install cell phone jammers or blockers in your vehicle (Maria 3). The idea of a mobile blocker, is whenever you are driving, the mobile blocker sends out a signal and this basically causes the phone to not receive any signal at all so you can’t use your phone while driving. The jammer is wired into the cars ignition and brake system and prevents a mobile phone use unless the handbrake is on (Abeer 8). Some technology has tried to help, but has made the problem worse. Using speech-to-text in-car communication systems are three times more distracting than those drivers who are by themselves and not using a cell phone or listening to the radio (Lebeau 2). Although texting is a major...

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