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'Essay - "Sweet Cream" by Julia KelkWhy is the human race designed to loathe changes in life, when changes could lead to a better life? In Julia Kelk's short story "Sweet Cream" she describes a wedding from a lonely young Mexican girl's perspective.The story is set in a hotel called "Hotel Central" in the Mexican winter wonderland. In the story we meet Jenny who is also the protagonist of the story. She is about 20 years old, and she is at a wedding reception for the cousin of her brother-in-law and his fiancée. After a few years of studying English in Canada, she has returned to her home in Mexico. The only other person we meet is Fernando who is also a wedding guest, an old man who has lived in the city where the story is set for many years. The story's narrative style is a 3rd person limited narrator and the reason why Julia Kelk has chosen this, is to let us observe and characterize Jenny with our own eyes but still know her feelings.In this essay I will be focusing on Jenny and her relationship to Canada and Fernando. I will also take a look at the main theme and look at the symbolism.Jenny has two relationships that we are introduced to. Canada, which she is referring to herself, and Fernando whom we can conclude as being her only friend. Many times in the text we hear about Canada, and we can by that infer she is missing Canada. The use of flashbacks makes us realize how much she had in Canada."She'd been filled with a deep sense of nostalgia ever since she'd returned." (Lines 111-112) This quote says that she misses everything about Canada.. We hear about Ben, who is a great ice skater in Canada and one of Jenny's best friends. We sense that she was in love with him. She felt home in Canada. People in Mexico look down upon her and that is probably because they cannot afford to go to Canada. The social level is shown here because better-educated groups would have been happy for her. In the social environment where this story is set, people hate her for being "better" than them. The social environment present is this story is very low and we see this for example on the wedding cake. The top of it is made out of cardboard which shows that it was too expensive to buy a whole cake. The only person Jenny can converse with is Fernando. Fernando is old and therefore he has a lot of life experience. He is her safe place and her...

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