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Megan Montford February 2, 2014 Comp I English 1101 WBCRN 20495Sweet or Salty: How Neighbors Treat NeighborsMy old hometown gave me peace of mind, bonding relationships, a sense of trust, and a way to always see the kindness in people first. My first great memory as a kid was Halloween of 1997 and being able to go door to door with all of my childhood friends without having a care in the world. There was nothing ever scary about the neighborhood I grew up in. Every neighbor lived within walking distance of one another and most you didn't have to knock to even come indoors. Every Halloween all of the kids would gather together, either by foot or by hayride, and visit every house in our area and the lights were always on. My parents never had to worry about whom I was with or even check over the candy because almost every mom in our neighborhood was "our" moms.Beautiful fall of October 1997 - I lived in a small home located within ten blocks of the friendliest people you will ever meet. This year I was going to be a fairy and my little brother, who was six at the time, was dressing as a skeleton. We all gathered at the court house with a few adult escorts and climbed aboard a long trailer lined with hay. At each stop we came to, the kids would topple over the sides and run to the line for candy. By the end of the night, we would walk home with the other kids following the street lights to our doorsteps. My brother and I would toss all of our candy on the floor to show the jackpot we had collected to our parents. My mom would tell us how many pieces we could have for the night and to save the rest for later, no inspection needed.I loved growing up in a small town, sure it had its downfalls, but it gave a sense of security and backbone. When someone was in trouble everyone knew and when someone was hurting, there was always a shoulder to cry on and a pot of food heading your way! Our town suffered a great loss when I was in ninth grade; two of our friends were killed in an automobile accident. These kids were like family and only lived a few doors down. Heartbreak shook the town, but no one had to go it alone. When I still lived in that town, every year we would get together at the crosses where the accident happened and share our stories of happiness and great memories. I now live thirty miles from my old neighborhood and only two miles from those same crosses, but haven't visited them since I left over seven years ago.When I turned thirteen, I...

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