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Sweet Smell of SuccessCommunications 225 - Task 3James SpencerFebruary 14, 2009Sweet Smell of SuccessCommunications 225 - Task 3Task 3 will be based upon Chapter 5 in Joe Boggs book, "The Art of Watching Films", and the film, Sweet Smell of Success. Chapter 5 in "The Art of Watching Films" goes over a variety of different subjects which include Cinematography, The Importance of the Visual Image, The Cinematic Film, Cinematic Points of View, Elements of Cinematic Composition, and Techniques for Specialized Visual Effects. I found the sections on the importance of visual image and cinematic points of view to be both most intriguing and relevant to the film Sweet Smell of Success.Before I analysis the movie in connection with the chapter I am going to provide a brief analysis of the film. Sweet Smell of Success is a 1957 American film noir made available by Hill-Hecht-Lancaster Productions and released by United Artists. The film was a total box office failure and the only reason I heard about it was because my roommate is a film and video major. According to filmsite.org it was directed by Alexander Mackendrick and included Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis as its primary stars. The story goes basically like this, Sidney Falco - Curtis has not been able to get J.J. Hunsecker's (Lancaster) a newspaper writer to write about one of his clients because he (Curtis) has not been able to break up the relationship between Hunsecker's younger sister Susan - Harrison and Steve Dallas - Milner, a guy in a jazz band. Falco decided to start rumors about Dallas. He was trying to make Dallas look like a dope smoking communist. The plan works, in a way, it leads to Dallas insulting Hunsecker. Susan then breaks up with Dallas to keep him safe from him from her brother. Hunsecker decided to not leave anything to up in the air and break up his sister for sure. So against Falco's opinion, he tells Falco to put drugs on Milner then have him arrested and beat down.Falco is then called to Hunsecker's apartment to find Susan about to try and kill herself. He saves her just as her brother walks in but it turns out to be bad because Hunsecker, thinks Falco is trying to rape Susan. In a huge confrontation with Hunsecker, Falco says in front of Susan that her brother had told him to make Dallas look like an idiot. Hunsecker tells the police to arrest Falco for planting the reefer on Dallas which he told him to do. Susan then admits she tried to...

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