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Should Marketing To Children Be Held Back?

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A huge topic and issue in marketing today is if marketing to children should be held back, or even taken out altogether. My opinion on this issue is that they should have strict regulations regarding marketing to children because the consumer would be that adult and many products for children, babies especially, are very expensive regarding electronic toys and dolls. While I think they should limit it they should not get rid of it altogether because, while it is a sneaky and terrible way to market aimed at children who don’t know the limitations of money, it can be useful during the holidays or birthday of that child.
Seeing these commercials is a way for children to view products and form an option on what product they want as a present, and this allows parent to know what to buy that child. Say for instance your child has an obsession with Spiderman and he sees a web-shooting action figure commercial for a Spiderman product so he would want that product offered, without that aiming at children he wouldn’t see it from a child point of view and instead from an adults and may lose interest in that product so then they wouldn’t be able to sell it.
One of the types of marketing that should be strictly limited would have to be regarding food marking to children. When companies market food to children they may skim out nutritional facts and make that child want that food so badly they will throw a fit if they don't get it. (Another aspect of why it should be banned.) Parents will buy that food not thinking about the health risks it involves, for example the product red dye 40 can cause ADHD in children and also lead to them having trouble digesting in younger children. I babysit and one child I was babysitting loved to drink water with the squirt-in colored drink maker things and one day I noticed her stomach was hard because of trouble digesting because of the red dye. Many products have this red dye in it to insinuate freshness in that product but in actuality it is terrible for you.
High-sugar foods which they market to children can also contribute to tooth decay, contain empty calories that can lead to childhood obesity (Which can carry on to later on in life) and can develop into ADHD. (Rudd Report) Considering that children may see iconic characters such as the Frosted Flakes Tiger and see all of the colors they don’t think about nutrition because that’s up to...

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