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Sweet Tooth Competitors In Chocolate Essay

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Abby Willow once said, “The average American adult consumes 11.7 pounds of chocolate every year- that's the weight of about 6 pairs of shoes!” With so much consumption of chocolate by Americans, it is crucial for the numerous brands to advertise their products in a manner that could potentially dominate their competition in sales. There are endless ways for a company to draw the attention of an audience in order to take over the competition of chocolate sales. Advertising is a key aspect as to how successful a brand may be when compared side-by-side to a similar product. While Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are similar, they are also different; the differences are significant because they demonstrate how some competitors choose to go above and beyond for their advertising while others opt to take a route that is of a more simplistic nature.
In the world of advertising, there are various appeals that can be used to describe one’s advertisement. For example, Snickers commercials are known for incorporating some kind of celebrity such as Betty White or Robin Williams. When considering Reese’s, a large majority of their commercials do not even have a single human-being present in them. When having celebrities in the commercial, it can aid in grabbing the attention of the audience in order to persuade them to make a purchase of that particular product. Another tactic that Snickers uses is the need for affiliation. The need for affiliation plays into the relationships of one’s life, whether it be a friendship, courtship, or just feeling as though you are a part of a larger group in general (Fowles 78). The Snicker’s commercials usually convey someone that is not at their normal standard and in order to fit back into their regular lives they are then offered a Snickers by the people surrounding them. This is a need for affiliation because it makes it seem as though the candy bar will help aid the individual back into their normal, everyday routine. Reese’s commercials can’t appeal to one’s desire for relationships with other people if there are no people to begin with. By having celebrities and making it seem like their product can improve one’s social standings, Snickers obviously puts a lot of work into their commercial productions simply because they have multiple commercials with different scenarios revolving around the need for affiliation. On the other hand, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Reese’s doesn’t play into other appeals to grab the attention of the consumers.
A large majority of Snickers commercials play into humor. For instance, it is hilarious to see Betty White playing football because she is a little old woman. The commentary in the commercial also aids in the success of its humor with comments like, “that’s not what your girlfriend says”. Reese’s incorporates some kind of humor but it is...

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