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Swimming Upstream "The Fingleton Family Was Dysfunctional" Discuss

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In ‘Swimming Upstream’ directed by Russell Mulcahy the Fingleton family is portrayed as a dysfunctional family however this instills into the viewer the importance of family and values. Even though there are many chasms in the relationships of the Fingleton family there are still some relationships which keep each individual going. This love between some of the family members ensures the survival of each member of the family through the difficult period of each child growing up and maturing with a sadistic, abusive father.The Fingleton family is very dynamic with each member having individual relationships with other members of the family. These relationships act as a rapport for Tony and Dora. Tony is unloved by his father to the extent that Harold wishes Tony “Didn’t exist”. This has a profound effect on Tony, however he can survive through the support of other family members. Tony has very special relationships with John and Dora and these help him to survive even with an abusive father. To Tony “John was the best” brother he could have and this relationship was strengthened by the many hours they shared in the pool. Dora is very protective of Tony due to the hardships he suffered from Harold and Harold Jnr. Tony wasn’t loved by Harold however Dora made up with this by giving him more attention than the other children. “My Darling boy,” this illustrated Dora’s special relationship with Tony and how when life was tough for Tony she was always there helping him through the hard times. The Fingleton family as a whole were dysfunctional however in their own personal relationships they helped each other through their own personal hardships and this helped each member survive.There are many types of love shown in the Fingleton family however there is also hate and jealousy present. Harold and Dora share an unpredictable relationship that goes from one extreme to another every day. Harold has massive mood swings which result in his insulting Dora, “You cow,” and these incidents tear their marriage apart however there are also moments of love. On Dora’s and Harold’s anniversary when they are dancing and Harold is singing is a shining example of their love for each other even though most of the time it is hidden. Another form of love in the family is Dora’s love for Tony. After...

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