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Switched Partner Essay

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On the other side of another Kim’s family, Kim Joonmyeon and Kim Kyungsoo’s children are not living under the same roof as them. Their sons or more warm call out by their given name Jongin, Yifan, Yixing and Tao are living at a one block apartment specially made out for them and have their own floor room for each of them to have their own privacy.

There are two butlers Donnie and Connie in charge to take care of the boys and of course prevent the entire saseng fan to sneak inside the apartment and until now no one brave enough yet to do so. Thanks to Donnie and Connie for acting like drunken pervert old man whenever there were suspicious group of people walk and stop by in front of the apartment area.

For today, Kyungsoo the mother to the four famous idols visits his sons home to make sure everything was fine and of course he longing for them like a mother always does. When Kyungsoo enters the 1st floor of the apartment, he sighs in relief when everything perfectly in their usual state and all stuffs store correctly at their place. But not until he visit next four different floors his doe eyes widening disbelieve that his sons never change a bit even they move to their new home.

On the 2nd floor which is Tao’s, a lot of magazines flying around on the floor and for Kyungsoo sake his second youngest son still not notice that his mother was standing right behind him.

“Ahh! This is so frustrating that Kris always be on the cover magazine.” Another magazine he throws on the hard floor and suddenly he feels a small figure behind him and at first he did believe that was a ghost but turns out to be his cute mother.

“Umma!” Tao like a small kid brighten up right after he saw his mom open arms for a warm embrace.

“When did you come?” Tao eyes sparkling much to Kyungsoo liking that his son still never can forget his mom of course because Tao is the most childish in the family even though the truth Jongin is the youngest.

“Just arrive and umma pretty amazingly shock at yours room.” Kyungsoo being the calmest mother ever and still manages to stay calm until to the end and that’s what make four of them love their mother even more.

“He-he.” Tao only laughs and tried to avoid his mother’s gaze.

“Did you still get jealous over your Yifan hyung?” Exactly Kyungsoo hit the point and Tao at first try to deny it but whose can lie on his beloved mother and blurted out his complains.

“Yes I am. He always appeared on the cover magazine, on the big fashion show and not to mention Jongin too. Yixing hyung also always have great opportunities to play piano on a big and grant event while me sitting insides my room waiting for another chance to be cast out on movie.” Tao looks down on floor and he is crying. Yes, he is such a cry baby and the entire universe knew it.

“Shh, it’s okay. I will talk to your daddy later.” Kyungsoo pats his son head and wipes the tears away. Tao loves when his mother spoils his like that and he sure feels like in the paradise having...

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