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Types Of Routing And Date Retransmitting Hardware And Devices

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There are many types of routing or data/packet retransmitting hardware and devices that networks can utilize for security purposes. Some use one or a combination for data transfer. However, each poses a level or type of vulnerabilities, additional unwanted threats, and countless types of risk. The quintessential design is to provide a means to controlling the flow of packet transfer. The main function of the switch, router, gateways, or hubs is having the ability to process and forward data packets on the network. The creation and function is to ensure that each having their own unique functions and configurations which makes one a more viable optional choice over the next for ensuring data forwarding. For example, large networks will need routing protocols that will send the data packet to the intended destination and not broadcast it throughout the entire network.
Gateways provide nodes with a contactless connection into the resources that are available for the users. The basic gateways that are installed in many pc are called NIC’s or network interface card (Andrews, 2006, pp. 846-847). These gateways can wither be hardware or protocols within the given equipment that in installed. It is essential that data have the ability to transverse the network. However, to accommodate this function, the data needs to be accepted/rejected and/or forward or dropped. For the purpose of connecting nods, networks, and interaction, gateways must be present. Without any form of implementing gateways, communications would be non-existent. However, the term gateway can also be referred to as routers, wiles AP’s, switches, and hubs. This is fairly easy to distinguish as it points to some form of access to the networks resources.
Hubs are the basic functioning hardware that allows for ingress and egress of data. The main issue here is that incoming data is forwarded to all connected ports. This poses an extreme risk to the transmitted data as those that receive it may not be authorized or privileged to view its contents. Meaning when one data packet is received, the data is retransmitted to any mode connected to the hub. This data routing is based on the connection as opposed to per say a mac address or internet protocol address. For this reason, some companies will opt-out of using this form of routing. However, this is an economical and financial option for small companies. The basic concept is that information will be re-routed to anyone connected to this device (Institute, 2005, pp. 192-193).
Switches have a wide variety of applications. Its main...

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