Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organisation and its
environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to
focus on key issues.

Once key issues have been identified, they feed into marketing
objectives. It can be used in conjunction with other tools for audit
and analysis, such as PEST analysis. It is a very popular tool with
marketing students because it is quick and easy to learn,

· Strengths

Probably the biggest strength that Lancôme possesses is its
reputation. The company has been in business for 70 years and
therefore have built a great reputation for excellent service, quality
and fashionable products.

Lancôme is now got the 7th biggest market share in the total UK retail
make-up market. A recent success story for Lancôme is the Juicy Tubes
lip-gloss range, and it was advertised by super model Elizabeth
Jagger. Now Lancôme is extending its range of 'Juicy' products with a
whole collection. The fruity high-gloss range includes: Juicy Vernis,
perfumed glossy nail polish; Juicy Tube and Juicy Tube Pop; and Juicy
Rouge Magic Shine mirrored wet-look lipstick.

Lancôme also is a world-wide Global business. It is distributed in
over 140 countries based on three areas-skincare, makeup, and perfume-
the brand is spread out evenly over three continents:1/3 in Europe,
1/3 in America, and 1/3 in Asia and the rest of the world. This
balanced distribution has give Lancôme strength and solidity in the

Lancôme stores are located on well known high streets and shops (E.g.
Boots, Debenhams) which are highly populated; this will let Lancôme to
sell their product more because they are located in popular shops, so
there are more consumers.

These factors have assisted them to maintain their high market share
in the premium-cosmetic market.

· Weaknesses

One of the Weaknesses is that Lancôme is not Number one in the
Premium market. It's main competitor Estee Lauder is the one who
dominates the premium market.

Promotion is another weak factor. Although Lancôme does have
advertising, but it's very small proportioned compared to L'Oreal etc.
So increasing its...

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