Swot Analysis: Fed Ex

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Planning and FedExIn this day and age planning is key to any business startup, especially during these tough economic times. As we prepare a plan for any business many factors arise including the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in any business planning.Every organization has some strength, in some cases this is obvious and in other cases it is a matter of perspective. Regardless of the size of the company there will be strengths, if you are a global tier one supplier with facilities on four continents or small mom and pop shops. The larger company could have a monopoly on the supply of a product and that is strength. The mom and pop shop has the ability to move fast and stay ahead of the curve; this is a strength that is a good example matter of perspective Bateman and Snell (2004).It is clear that FedEx's commitment to operational planning is a key component of the organization's current and longstanding success. However, the company's operational planning strategy is not without its weaknesses. FedEx has helped to create an expectation of the company as more than an overnight shipping heavyweight. It says so on the company's website.Every generation expects easier access to more of what the world has to offer, more products and services, more information and ideas, and more people and places.FedEx helped create that expectation. And we deliver on it millions of times a day, providing the access to transform possibilities into reality. While our early days are legendary, today's FedEx has grown into a $27-billion network of companies, offering just the right mix of transportation, information, document management and supply chain solutions. (About FedEx).Because FedEx has expanded as quickly as new technology has been made available, the company has opened itself up to a public, whose increasing demands, insist upon the bar being raised constantly. This amplified demand, while great for business, makes it difficult for the company to get a handle on its operational planning, because quite simply, there's more to plan for.Increased planning and organizing normally results in more overhead, this increases chance that if one component is not perfectly executed, the organization will feel the effects quickly and for an extended period of time. FedEx has introduced a variety of transportation services, e-business solutions, a host of new shipping tools and products. Each line of business is like a separate company within the FedEx organization. Often customers require products and services from each of the FedEx branches, which mean the operational planning for each individual branch must account for the others. FedEx's decision to embrace the latest technology and to implement said technology within their operations, combined with the continuous customer expectation that FedEx will always do what it takes to meet their needs, requires that the company spend a great deal of its operational budget on upgrades and new technology...

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