Swot Analysis For Uk Class 8 D Research Paper

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SWOT Analysis of Human Wellbeing copy pasted

Country: United Kingdom
Contributes to High Levels of Human Wellbeing
Contributes to Low Levels of Human Wellbeing

· Ranks above the average in personal security, environmental quality, civic engagement, social connections, health status, jobs and earnings, and housing
· Health/ Life expectancy is 81 years which is 1 year higher than the OECD average
· Access to clean water as 87% of people said they were satisfied with the quality of the water, which is more than the OECD average of 81%
· Access to good oxygen as the level of atmospheric is 10.8 micrograms of particles, lower than the average 14.05
· Strong sense of community, 93% of people could lean on someone
· Performs below average in terms of income and wealth
· Adult participation in physical activity has fallen
· Despite increases in overall personal well-being, the proportions satisfied with their health, accommodation, household income and leisure time have all fallen over the three-year...

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