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Swot Analysis: Macy's Vs. Bloomingdale's

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E selling and E-marketing these days is ever changing, always dynamic. Technology is advancing fasterthan we can think. As every day more and more consumers decide to do their shopping from home, whether itbe groceries, personal items, or toys, web sites are changing significantly in order to meet their customer'sneeds. Being an avid online shopper, I always look for a few things in order to fully trust a website's contentand after purchase resources, which include; estimated time of delivery, estimated shipping price, productpackaging, and their return policies. These are only a few of the many key services a customer can take intoconsideration when dealing with an online store, but by no means are the only things that a potential e-customershould be ...view middle of the document...

In this critique both websites were equal,making this the strength of their websites.A weakness that I found for the Macy's website is they did not offer an "About Macy's" link, wherepeople can retrieve information on their history, press releases, and new stores. A second weakness to theMacy's online store is in their customer services. It seems that their discount ads are the biggest and the servicesthey offer are all left on the bottom of the page and in a smaller font size. One weakness that I personally foundfor the Bloomingdale's online store is their lessened line of ads, or discount ads. But then again I don't thinkBloomingdale's customers are looking for that in the first place.The weaknesses that each online store holds can then be turned into opportunities for the rival store,which they have taken advantages of that. Macy's caters more to middle class people, offering discount ads andinexpensive items. Bloomingdale's, on the other hand, caters to the upper class, in which they are trying to grabyour attention with a line that reads "Like no other store in the world" and they also add that they're the onlydepartment store that has hosted a Queen of England. Bloomingdale's also offers the "About" page that Macy'sdoes not, by which they're giving a sense of attentive service.Threats for both of these stores are certainly other online stores. If a person would make an online searchfor a men's cologne, for example, they would receive thousands of links to online department stores. In this eraof e-shopping, people of the upper class can now shop through a lower end department store, or bargain site likee-bay, without ever having to place one foot in any of these department stores, and no one would never know.

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