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Swot Analysis For Hookah House In Australia

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Hookah and shisha is a product that has been increasing in popularity in other parts of the world, but hasn’t really penetrated Australian sores (Brockman, 2012). Due to this Hookah house will provide a unique experience and venue where clients can indulge in our products and enjoy themselves. Hookah house will operate almost like a bar/lounge, with comfortable sitting, music and hopefully new people to socialize with, but instead of serving alcohol hookah and shisha will be served. Overall, Hookah house will offer another option instead of the social norm of drinking and will offer a place for partygoers and other individuals to go and relax. In order to optimize the success of Hookah house the following marketing aspects will be examined; internal analysis, external analysis, market analysis, SWOT analysis, target market selection and positioning strategies and objectives.
Hookah house is a business that aims to provide a unique alternative to bars/clubs and a way in which individuals can relax after a big night of clubbing and socializing around Brisbane city. Hookah house will offer both high quality tobacco shisha and herbal shisha, which can have numerous medicinal benefits. The atmosphere at Hookah house will ensure patrons will have a friendly, welcoming, relaxing experience where individuals can have an enjoyable night, whilst indulging in our fine products. Fundamentally, Hookah house will act as a venue where consumers can have access to an abundance of shisha blends, which can aid in relief of modern day stresses.
Premium resources are essential for hookah house to operate at its maximum potential. One of the most important resources is the building and location of the business itself, which is in a prime location for gaining business from university students and partygoers. It is also indispensable to have high quality furnishing, such as tables, lounge chairs/chairs, lighting, decorations cash registers and Eftpos machines to generate the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that Hookah house is striving to achieve. Hookah house will also require a reliable supper of good quality shisha that can be delivered regularly. It would also be essential to have knowledgeable employees that can inform the clients of the medicinal benefits of each type of shisha and can make suggestions on which types best suits the client’s needs.
Obviously Hookah houses will aim to provide its clients with premium quality shisha, hookah and hookah pipes. The majority of herbal shisha on the market contain ingredients that can provide several medicinal benefits, such as relaxation. For instance, Kava Kava, Damania, Lactuca Virosa and Lavendar are all ingredients used within herbal shisha and have medicinal affects, such as; relieving nervousness, depression, anxiety, headaches, back pains and general relaxation (Hoffmann, 2003). The hookah house will also provide a relaxing environment where patrons can...

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