Swot Analysis For Loughborough University Sale

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SWOT ANALYSIS FOR LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY SALEA SWOT analysis is used as part of a strategic plan in order to analyze a business environment as well as the way an organization utilizes key issues in order to achieve a positive impact on the organizations development (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2006). The (?) SWOT is considered to be a framework used as a tool by managers in order to make strategic research more effective (Porter, 1991). It is used to evaluate the environment the organization belongs to, categorizing it into external and internal by collecting existing information about it (Novicevic, Harvey, 2004 - Porter, 1981). It is made by the initials of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. According to Novicevic and Harvey (2004) these 4 factors can be divided into 4 additional groups: desirable, undesirable, controllable and uncontrollable. In more detail opportunities and strengths belong to the desirable as opposed to threats and weaknesses belonging to the undesirable group, the opportunities and threats can be categorized into uncontrollable factors whereas strengths and weaknesses into controllable ones. By synthesizing, describing and finally evaluating a SWOT analysis a manager is able to select an appropriate strategy for the organization to follow in each situation (Novicevic, Harvey, 2004).The Loughborough university sale case consists of offers made to the university by companies constructing running tracks for athletics facilities. Analyzing the case study that views the sale from the Sport-Trax Ltd company many aspects come up that can be categorized into the SWOT analysis. In better detail:STRENGTHS:Sport-Trax is made of managers that broke away from a leading company in the market, En Tout Cas which means they already had experience in running tracks only since the company did not deal with other sport pitches.The synthetic sport surfaces sector in mainly domestic and the European installers compete directly in the UK.Sport-Trax not only meets but beats the tolerances and standards made by the governing bodies of athletics.The current list of the Sport-Trax customers includes some of the most prestigious in the country.The product Sport-Trax sells has a new feature that no other competitor has, the W S surface that had an advantage in not wearing off.The capital expenditure is controlled by one person only, the bursar.As the athletics coach stressed there is a need for a new track and it should be better, something that Sport-Trax can provide with W S surface.The coach has coached many international athletes in many major international competitions so he knows what exists and what to expect it terms of a running track.There has been a new sport centre agreed, so new sport facilities could be agreed in the light of it.There will be limited amount of disruption for the university, a fact that makes the decision for the track more feasible.Vise chancellor was enthusiastic.Charnwood Athletics Club also...

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