Swot Analysis: Ford Motor Company

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A mutual fund manager is a person who actively buys or sells and sometimes both funds. They are experienced in implementing a funds strategy used for investing and manages its trading activities as well as the portfolio. Choosing whether or not to invest in Ford Motor Company will take the use of a SWOT analysis and learning about the stakeholders of the company.

Business Analysis Part 1: Ford Motor Company
There are a lot of factors to think about as a mutual fund manager when deciding whether to invest in a company. When it comes to investing in Ford Motor Company, I will have to make a decision on whether the investment strategy and the associated risks will be a good fit for me and my company. Most businesses will conduct a SWOT Analysis to determine strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. By knowing and understanding the results of a SWOT Analysis will allow the company to set themselves apart from other competitors.
SWOT Analysis- Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company has become one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. It has various brand models that it produces yearly. The SWOT Analysis that I will perform will examine Ford’s business structure, products, history, operations, and it will provide a summary analysis of any strategies. Ford Motor Company is not only a producer of automobiles, but it is also a financial service. Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company distributes and also manufactures automobiles to six continents. The SWOT analysis is given below:
1. Ford Motors is 10th on the Fortune 500 List (U.S. only) with revenues of $128,954.0 (in millions) and profits of $6,561.0 (in millions)
2. Ford Motors is presently the second biggest U.S. automaker and they are ranked fourth globally. This is based on the number of automobiles sold annually.
3. Ford Motors ranked 23rd on the Global 500 List and has worldwide revenues of $118,308 (in millions) and profits of $2,717 (in millions)
4. Ford Motor Company is very generous
a. Actively supports NASCAR and other racing teams
b. Supports and makes donations to Help Fight Breast Cancer
c. Made generous donations after the September 11 attacks
5. Invests in the use of alternative fuel sources
6. Ford Motor Company invests very heavily in Research and Development in the industry
1. Had tire recalls from Firestone which caused Ford Motors stock price to drop
2. Over the past few years the market shares for Ford Motor Company has declined in the U.S.
3. Ford Motor Company has tough competition with European and Japanese manufacturers, therefore the company did not respond well and suffered
4. The brand image of Ford was damaged due to the product recalls of the Escape Sport Utility Vehicle due to engine fires and the Ford Focus
5. Ford Motor Company has significant unfunded pension, life insurance, and healthcare obligations
6. Ford struggled with their sales due to the weak or “boring” designs...

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