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Swott Analysis

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//The SWOTT Analysis related to internal, as well as, external forces of the environment for a company, can be done by having a good understanding of the business of that particular organization. In this regard, prior to perform the SWOTT Analysis, the background and concept of the business is discussed under the same heading.//Introduction:The given SWOTT Analysis is done for the company Karalynda's Cuddles & Care ChildCare Services. The company mainly deals in the child care facilities for the babies of age group between few months to about 12 years of age. The services of the company include both child care, as well as, the basic learning. The firm's objective is teaching through play. It looks after the children in such a way, that they are much happier and have fun during their stay over there (How to Offer Child-Care Services, 2009). This makes the working class parents to send their children to this place. The kids comfort and safety is the main focus and business strategy of the company to hold a strong position among all the child care organizations at the global level.//The discussion related to this company is continued with the analysis of the environmental factors, which are estimated to affect the business of the company in a great sense. In this series, in the following section of the discussion, the external forces affecting the business of the firm are discussed in a detailed manner with the separate discussion of all the related factors.//External Forces and Trend Considerations:The external analysis of the Karalynda's Cuddles & Care ChildCare Services is executed with the consideration of some important business forces such as economic forces, legal & regulatory forces, technological forces and the global forces.Legal & Regulatory Forces: Such forces are the major requirement to be focused by the child care services companies. These companies providing the childcare services require licensing by the legal bodies for their operational activities under governmental regulations. In addition to this, for the tax payment and several other services, regulatory forces are much essential.Strength: Proper practices of the legal and regulatory aspects make the business of such companies a succeeding one with the full support of the government, in regards to funding and other facilities.Weakness: Changes in the legal and regulatory aspects make the business to amend its own business policies.Opportunity: The Company working in accordance with the legal regulations have good image among the target customers and this increases the loyal customers mass.Threat: In case, the business is found not to follow the legal rules, it can be ceased by the government in favor of the parents.Trends: The legal terms are regularly updated by the related governments as per the requirement of the business effectiveness.Adaptation for Change: The business should frame its services and policies according to the related legal regulations, as...

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