Sydney Bliss, Written By Tom Schipke.

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Billy was 15 years old and tonight he would lose his virginity.She stood in front of him, smiling shyly and slightly silhouetted by the lights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge through the window behind her. She wore a semi-transparent, red night-gown. And nothing else. As she inched towards him he admired her firm yet gentle body. His eyes roamed her up and down, from her long flowing hair, to her sexy face, set in something halfway between a teasingly seductive and a mouth-wateringly cute smile. His eyes kept going; down to her trigonometrically impossible breasts, past her pancake flat midriff and finally finishing their voyage on her amazingly smooth and tanned legs. Surely she must be the most beautiful girl who ever thought of living.She started to make her way gracefully across the room towards him, the bottom of her night gown fluttering behind her, and the hem floating over the carpet as though everything around her was performing at her will. The stitching of her light clothing yearned to come off almost as much as he wanted it to. She turned off the light with a smooth flick as she walked past it.In the darkness he couldn't see her body but as she drew closer he could feel her perfectly distinct scent playing with his senses. Suddenly her body was pressed against his with one arm around his waist, and the other around the back of his head. Then she kissed him. She kissed him long and hard, causing a familiar tightening in his pants. As she pulled her tongue slowly out of his mouth and gradually put space between his face and hers he got a good look at her expression. It was one of awe, and excitement ... and there was a definite flicker of hunger in her eyes. She let her hands roam slowly downwards and, looking straight into his eyes with a sly grin, unzipped his Billabong jeans and let them fall to the floor.Wearing only boxers and a shirt didn't make him shy at all. He clasped her hand and playfully squeezed it, and grinned. She returned the smile before pulling her hands away reluctantly and bending down. After fiddling around his jean for a few seconds, she stood back up, his wallet...

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2574 words - 10 pages attempts to breed Aboriginality out through various 'White Australia Policies'.[15: Olalquiaga, Op. Cit., p122; Magaret Maynard. "Projections of Melancholy." Seeing the First Australians. By Ian Donaldson and Tamsin Donaldson. Sydney: G. Allen & Unwin, 1985. p 92.][16: Some of the most famous painters in the Heidelberg School impressionists included Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, and Charles Conder. See: Stephen Alomes. When

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587 words - 2 pages Mark Twain (1835-1910), the first American author to have written a novel to international literature, grew up in the Mississippi River Town of Hannibal, Missouri. The landmarks and people of this place later served as models for settings and characters of many of his novels, particularly "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". At the first glance, "Tom Sawyer seems to be a children's book, yet it brings the reader, even the adult, very close to

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937 words - 4 pages Tom Sawyer, the main character of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written by Mark Twain, is an average boy who is bored with his civilized life and escapes these constraints by pulling pranks. The character, Tom is presented as a realistic and convincing boy. He is kind and loving, but also cruel, stupid, and hypocritical. As the story progresses, Tom shows signs of maturity. The story of Tom Sawyer, is about how children mature and make their own

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659 words - 3 pages is portrayed in the same dark manner. It is the forest where Tom Walker meets the Devil.Another similarity in both of the 'short stories' is that a supernatural figure is the terror of each story. The supernatural being in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is the Headless Horsemen. To the people of Tarrytown, the story of the Headless Horsemen is that he was a Hessian soldier that had his head shot off by a cannon ball. The soldier rides around at

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