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Accounting is an information and measurement system that identifies, records, and communicates information that is relevant, reliable, and comparableGAAP- Financial accounting practice is governed by concepts and rules by:Luca Pacioli (Italian monk double entry bookeeping)Securities and Exchange Commission- government agency establish reporting requirements and set GAAP for companies that issue stock to the public.The Financial Accounting Standards Board- the private group that sets both broad and specific principles.The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issues inter- national standards that identify preferred accounting practices in other countriesSarbanes-Oxley Act- In response to a number of publicized accounting scandals help curb financial abuses at companies that issue their stock to the public.*Assets- (Cash, Accounts Receivable, Notes Receivable, Land, Buildings, Equipment, Store Supplies,Prepaid Expense, Investment,Inventory)*Liabilities- (Accounts, Notes, Wages, Taxes Payable)*Equity- (Contributed Capital, Retained Earnings, Common Stock, Dividends/Revenue(contra-equity accounts)Formula: Capital - Dividends(Drawings) + Revenue - Expenses ORAssets + Owner's Drawings + Expenses = Liabilities + Owner's Capital + Revenue.-Financial Statements: Income, Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow^BALANCE SHEET- Current assets are those to be used or turned into cash within the upcoming year,NonCurrent assets are those that will last longer than one year.-Which of the following is not an advantage of the corporate form of business organization? c.) Unlimited personal liability for stockholders-A CPA's reputation for honesty and competence is his/her most important asset .-1st Record in Journal, 2nd Post to ledger Accounts(*T-Tables*), 3rd Trial Balance-Account a record of increases and decreases in a specific asset, liability, equity, revenue, or expense item.-Ledger is a collection of all accounts for an information system.-General Ledger is a record containing all accounts used by the company.-Debits and Credits- abbrev. Cr and Dr, left and right, used to describe the balance of an accountAssets- INCREASED by DEBITSLiabilities&Equities- INCREASED by CREDITS-Journalyzing- Entering transaction data in the journal separate entries made for EACH transaction- Journal-: 1 discloses in one place the complete effect of a transaction 2 provides a chronological record of transactions3 helps to prevent or locate errors as debit and credit amounts for each entry can be compared-Debt Ratio- TOTAL LIABILITES divided by TOTAL ASSETS- TOTAL DEBITS always equal the TOTAL CREDITS-Transactions- initially recorded in chronological order before they are transferred to the ledger accounts.- Objective of Financial Reporting- to provide useful economic information to external users for decision making andfor assessing future cash flows .-Fiscal Year- 1 full accounting time period- Adjusting entries are made in order for:revenues to be recorded in...

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Complete IGCSE 2005 Biology Syllabus Essay

6583 words - 26 pages The complete Biology Syllabus 2005Section 1 Characteristics and Classification of living organism1.- Reproduce- Feed- Respire- Grow- Excrete- Move- Sensitive- Made out of cells2.Nutrition: FoodExcrete: Faeces of animals, digested left over of food, wasteRespiration: Gaining energy from foodSensitivity: Interaction with nature, feelingsReproduction: Sexual Intercourse, production of a new cell, by union of sperm and egg to form zygoteGrowth

legal syllabus Essay

7408 words - 30 pages Chapter 1- Basic Legal Concepts VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB Define law:A set of legal rules by the government which implies on all of society and is enforced on by the enforcement officials, examples: police, courts…….. If these laws are broken they can be punished for.Distinguish between customs, rules, laws, values and ethics:A custom is a habit that develops due to your culture, tradition, community etc. such as shaking of

this is the syllabus for psychology class - psychology - assignment

3506 words - 15 pages *Sample syllabus is subject to change each semester. Research Methods, Data Analysis, and Reporting to Support DoD Security Programs (CDSE ED 508) Defense Security Service (DSS) Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) Education Division SAMPLE COURSE SYLLABUS* 1. Course Description/Overview The main purpose of the Research Methods, Data Analyisis, and Reporting to Support DoD Security Programs course is to introduce students to

Class Expectations and Syllabus

901 words - 4 pages Students, before you start looking for the work to completed in this course, you should first read all of the links in the Getting Started module. All of this information is important and vital to your success in this course. Additionally, as you work through each module, be sure to look at every link within each module. Your grade will be determined through a combination of completion of assignments, participation in the discussion board

Course Outline and Syllabus

1273 words - 5 pages Dat TranTopic 1The stock market crash of October 1929, known as Black Tuesday was the beginning of the Great Depression originated in the Us and quickly spread to every part of the world. This severe worldwide economic recession was occurred and lasted as the longest, most widespread and deepest crises in the 20th century. Its effects was extremely serious and dire. The Great Depression impacted on not only economy but also people. Lacking of

Chemistry year 11 Syllabus Summary

9998 words - 40 pages Module 1: The chemical Earth1. The living and non-living components of the Earth contain mixturesIdentify the difference between elements, compounds and mixtures in terms of particle theory•Homogenous means of uniform composition throughout, for example pure water, sugar, aluminium, petrol or whisky. Heterogeneous means having non-uniform composition where we can recognise small pieces of the material which are different from other pieces

WW1 notes based on yr12 N.S.W syllabus

2658 words - 11 pages Nature of Trench WarfareTemporaryJust for the cold winter of 1914The G trenches were more sophisticated and officers lived in better conditions - the G saw the possibility of the trench system of fighting possibly becoming more permanentThe Trenches:*Were 4 feet deep with a built - up wall of sandbags to form a parapet at the front and a parado at the back. This added extra height, support for the trenches, and excess mud and dirt to be placed

Using a range of theories from across the HR143 syllabus compare and contrast two organizations of your choice from either the public or private sectors

2644 words - 11 pages IntroductionIn this report I am going to apply different theories from across the HR143 syllabus to compare and contrast Marks and Spencer's and Nestle. I am going to compare how the two organizations exercise motivational aspects, their organizational cultures and their organizational structures.Motivation within Marks and Spencer'sMarks and Spencer's exercise a very effective motivational policy via their very successful human resources

Study notes on the conflict in indo-china (Aust syllabus)

8248 words - 33 pages Conflict in Indo-ChinaExtras:Evidence::1. Medical photographs of Napalm Burns2. My Lai Massacre - over one hundred unarmed Vietnamese civiliansàOfficial army photographer - hidden camera3. Secret Bombing of Cambodia - America uninformedàRichard Nixon's November 1969 speech conceals illegal 8 month long bombing of neutral Cambodia4. Deep revulsion felt by majority of Western intellectuals @ atrocities + manipulation of public opinion

Biology HSC Syllabus - Maintaining A Balance (All Dot Points Answered)

6242 words - 25 pages 9.2 - Maintaining a Balance:1. Most organisms are active within a limited temperature range:•Identify the role of enzymes in metabolism, describe their chemical composition and use a simple model to describe their specificity in substrates:-Role of enzymes in metabolism:Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions occurring in organismsEnzymes are biological catalysts which increase the rate of chemical reactionsWithout enzymes

Summary notes for the updated syllabus 2004-2005, Blueprint of life and Maintaining a balance

977 words - 4 pages Characteristics of enzymes:"XAre made up of proteins"XAre catalysts, as they speed up the rate of chemical reactions."XRemain unchanged at the end of the reaction."XAre needed in only small amounts."XAre highly specific: one enzyme catalyses one type of reaction."XWork best under certain optimum conditions of temperature and pH.Role of enzymes:Enzymes are organic catalysts. A catalysts is a general term for any substance that speeds up or brings

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7247 words - 29 pages learning goals? Be creative in this paper - this is a contract between us and I am looking for your honest self-­‐assessment. Do not copy the syllabus. Write and think independently. This paper should be at least two double-­‐spaced pages in length. Ryder MBA 6014 LTO Fall 2014 Page -­‐ 8 2. Experiments. I will ask you to "do an experiment" with something that we have been working on in the class. You must structure

Lto Syllabus Essay

7247 words - 29 pages learning goals? Be creative in this paper - this is a contract between us and I am looking for your honest self-­‐assessment. Do not copy the syllabus. Write and think independently. This paper should be at least two double-­‐spaced pages in length. Ryder MBA 6014 LTO Fall 2014 Page -­‐ 8 2. Experiments. I will ask you to "do an experiment" with something that we have been working on in the class. You must structure

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6723 words - 27 pages my mailbox in 350A Wohlers Hall.COURSE TEXTS AND CASESTextbook: Rothaermel, Frank T. Strategic Management: Concepts. New York: McGraw-Hill, Irwin. (1st or 2nd edition --- note that this syllabus uses the 1st edition. The 1st edition will offer a lower price.)Cases: Harvard Business Cases (BA 449 Two Packets). [Note: Packet #1 will be common for the 2014-2015 academic year; Packet #2 are cases for the Fall 2014 Semester only.] Case (#) Source