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Sylvia Plath's Life And How It Influenced Her Poetry

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Sylvia Plath’s life was full of disappointment, gloominess and resentment. Her relationship status with her parents was hostile and spiteful, especially with her father. Growing up during World War II did not help the mood of the nation either, which was dark and dreary. At age 8 Plath’s father of German ancestry died of diabetes and even though their relationship was never established nor secure, his death took a toll on her. “For Sylvia, who had been his favorite, it was an emotional holocaust and an experience from which she never fully recovered” (Kehoe 90). Since she was so young she never got to work out her unsettled feelings with him. Even at age eight, she hid when he was around because she was fearful of him. When she was in his presence his strict and authoritarian figure had left an overpowering barrier between their relationship. Sadly enough by age eight Plath instead of making memories with her dad playing in the yard she resented him and wanted nothing to do with him (Kehoe). These deep-seated feelings played a major role in Plath’s poetry writings. Along with his “hilterian figure,” her father’s attitude towards women was egotistical and dismissive, uncondemning. This behavior infuriated Plath; she was enraged about the double standard behavior towards women. Plath felt controlled in male-dominated world (Lant). “Because Plath associates power so exclusively with men, her conviction that femininity is suffocating and inhibiting comes as no surprise” (Lant 631). This idea of a male-dominated world also influenced Plath’s writing. Unfortunately, Plath married a man just like her father Ted Hughes. “Hughes abandonment apparently stirred in her the memories and feelings she had struggled with when her father died” (Kehoe 119). Reoccurring feelings from her father’s treatment resurfaced during her marriage with Hughes. In the end he left her and their two children for another woman. These feelings and events were linked to Plath’s lifetime struggle with depression. By the age of 30 she successfully committed suicide after her third attempt. Her father’s arrogant behavior and authoritarian role harmed Plath at a young age. The hate and resentment left behind influenced her emotional through-out her life, frame working Plath’s poetry. Three literary devices that utilize her background context are imagery, diction and symbolism.
One of the strongest literary devices used in literature is imagery. Imagery allows the readers to visualize and experience the author’s thoughts by creating a mental image. Her negative emotions are reflected in her writings “Daddy,” “Lady Lazarus” and “Metaphors.” In “Daddy,” Plath expresses her dislike and strong antipathy towards her parents, especially her father. The poem begins as, “You do not, do not/ Any more, black shoe/ In which I have lived like a foot” (Plath). Reading the second and third line the first ‘mental image’ might be someone trapped in a confined area, a shoe....

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