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Asmondy 1The End of a StoryAll good stories have an ending. But what is an ending? It is a termination. It is something that constitutes an end in the form of a conclusion to reach a logically, necessary end by reasoning (Webster 2000). In relation to a story it should have significance, and create some sort of closure. I believe the ending in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka does provides closure by the reader inferring the changes in the Samsa family. The significance displayed by the ending is how particularly Grete, the daughter, changes throughout the story as a result of the metamorphosis and eventual death of her brother Gregor.Prior to Gregor's transformation, Grete is used to a childhood life of "peace, prosperity, and contentment" dependent on her brother's hard work and consideration for the family (25). She has no major responsibilities. Gregor affirms this lifestyle when "he felt very proud of himself for having been able to provide...[the quiet life his family leads] such a beautiful apartment" (25). Grete's dependency is apparent when she begins to sob on the morning Gregor does not make it to work on time: "And why was she crying? Because he didn't get up and let the chief clerk in? Because he was in danger of losing his job, and because then his boss would once more dun their parents for his old claims?" (17). The thought of this disrupting the life of leisure she is used to upsets her and causes her to weep.Grete begins to display signs that her character is changing when she accepts responsibility for the well-being and care of her brother after his transformation. In doing so, she starts to feed him and clean his room daily. Now, although she is afraid ofAsmondy 2Gregor's appearance, she demonstrates her new sense of responsibility after slamming the door in his face: "But, as if regretting her behavior, she immediately opened the door again and walked in on tiptoe as if she were visiting a seriously ill person, or even a stranger" (26). This shows she knows she must do her duty even if it is not an easy one, which exemplifies responsibility. In addition, she actually attempts to learn the right way to feed Gregor: "But he could never have guessed what his sister in her kindness actually did. In order to test his likings, she brought him a big selection, all spread out on an old newspaper" (26). This affirms her responsibility by showing she is not performing this task half-heartedly as a child would. Gregor "often heard [his parents] expressing complete satisfaction with the work his sister was doing, whereas up to that time they had frequently been vexed with his sister because she has seemed a rather good-for-nothing girl to them: (32).Grete's character change is further displayed when "she got the notion of enabling Gregor to crawl around [his room] as freely as possible, by removing the furniture that prevented this, especially the wardrobe and the desk" (32-33). Grete finds her mother, Mrs. Samsa, in order to help...

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